What to Expect from an AV Rental Company

What exactly do audiovisual rental companies do? What do they offer? Are their services relevant to you? If you have just encountered the term AV rental, the following should help you get acquainted with it, along with the different associated services.

An overview

Businesses that specialise in the AV business are often referred to as event production companies or audiovisual rental service providers. They handle or provide support for the staging of concerts, presentations, and other activities that require sound and lighting support. They play a critical role in achieving the desired outcome of an event. No event, especially the larger ones, can be successful without the right audiovisual elements. Imagine how a concert would turn out if the speakers and lighting used malfunctioned.

Services provided

There are at least three types of services provided by AV rental companies: audio, visual (and lighting), and scenic.

Audio services are about the rental of speakers, microphones, amplifiers, PA systems, and other sound-related equipment used in an event. Usually, these services already include the setup and tuning. Most AV rental companies see to it that the setup they provide is optimised to deliver the best sound quality and acoustics. Even high-quality sound equipment will not sound good if it is not correctly set up.

Visual services cover everything that involves light and images. These include various lighting installations, from the spotlights to the beam projectors, scoop lights, PAR lights, strip lights, LED stage lights, Fresnel lanterns, and ambient lighting. Visual solutions also include giant LED displays and monitors that may be added to different parts of the venue. Just like the audio equipment, all of these have to be properly installed to get the most out of them. Some companies separate the lighting solutions in a different category (separate visual and lighting services). Both appeal to the sense of sight, though, so they are roughly the same category.

The scenic services, on the other hand, are mostly about accessories and accentuation. In general, they are services that are not classified as audio or video. They are supplied to make the staging of an event more appealing. These include the installation of a dazzling backdrop for a stage, the ornaments adorning the venue, bubble and smog generators, streamers, and accessories that may be given to some members of the audience. AV rental companies may also supply a conference set suitable for an event, stands, and 3D accessories. It’s not just about the audio and video. There are additional services available to help create the best possible event experience.

If your company or organisation is planning an activity that involves a large crowd and venue, consider going to an AV rental company. There’s no need to go through the hassle of finding and setting up your sound and lighting equipment. You can ask an event staging or production specialist to get everything done according to how you want things to be conducted. They can customise sets and provide additional accessories and equipment to make your event more memorable.

Image: Pixabay.com