How technology can end the end-of-tenancy stress

If you are a landlord you know all to well the stress that can come with a tenant leaving, with disputes over inventories, damage to the property and claiming deposits. Thankfully there are technologies now that can ease the process, with downloadable software for the whole process of property management.

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What is property inventory software?

These technologies allow you to keep paperless records, all stored in the cloud, where you can manage your inventory, record interim visits, develop new tenancy contracts, and record when tenants check out. Software for property management keeps records of rent payments, arrears, and when you carried out maintenance. You can even take 360° photos of your property for advertisement purposes, or for your own records.

Why might this be useful?

Software apps, for example, promote early engagement with and by your tenants, on any problems or issues that might arise, which helps to cut down on disputes. You can use the apps at home or in an office on a desktop, and also take it out with you on a phone or tablet. With all the reports stored in one place, you have a solid audit trail.

Software for property management has come a long way in recent years, making it a two way street of communication between you and your tenants. There are many examples of software available, or you can ask a company like for advice.

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Communication is key

The whole point of software like this is to open up a dialogue between landlords and tenants if you are a private property owner, or between landlords, tenants and managers. The advantage to this is that any problems or issues that might arise – a cupboard might need fixing, rent might be a little late this month – are dealt with quickly and easily. Too many times a small problem is left alone – a dripping tap – and nothing is said, nothing is recorded. Then months down the line the problem has escalated, costing the landlord money, time and stress that could have been saved with a simple action..

Most software comes with easy to follow instruction and guidance throughout. And most software has a charge that is set per property, rather than a standard fee for all.