Get Targeted Instagram Followers

One of the most effective ways to get targeted Instagram followers and boost your bottom line is to use the site’s Explore page. A successful Instagram strategy will help build brand awareness, get new clients and sell more products or services.

How the Explorer Page Algorithm
When your posts appear on the Explore page, your business is going to be exposed to an entirely new audience of targeted Instagram followers. This means that, because the algorithm will be based on individual interests, instead of being exposed to a random audience, you’ll get more exposure to the clients that you want to attract. And guess what? It won’t cost you anything.

An Instagram Marketing Funnel
Think of the Instagram Explorer page like a marketing funnel: you’ll generate awareness by simply being on the Explore page, you’ll get the attention of potential clients by using a great photo, which compels them to react, clicking on it to find out more. Once the user has clicked on your photo, they’ll see your business name (shows up in the handle), read your caption, potentially like your post, and follow you. At this point it would be up to you to use your Instagram account as a sort of drip marketing campaign by continuing to attract users to your brand and telling them more about the value of your services and products.

How the Explorer Page Works
The key to getting on hundreds or even thousands of Instagram users’ Explore pages will be to have an established, large account interact actively with your post via likes or comments. For example, if your business post’s a photo, and a popular site likes or comments on it, your post will show up on the Explore page of individuals who liked or commented on the photos. This powerful network effect will have a huge impact on your Instagram marketing and your photos will go viral and get you targeted Instagram followers. Bottom line, the more likes and comments your post’s generates, the more it will show up on the Explore page of their followers.

Tailored to Varied Targeted Interests
Instagram’s Explore page is an incredible tool, tailored to your interests and intuitive when it comes to displaying content that you want to see. That said, it’s important to remember that most people have varied interests which should be considered in relation to Instagram as well. On the site, users generally like more than one type of photo which means that your Instagram Explore page needs to be more tailored and varied to what you like and your target audience likes. This is great news for any business because it shows that Instagram is doing the work for you, exposing your company to not only a new audience, but the right one.

The only way to take advantage of the viral “network effect” of Instagram’s Explore page, you’ll need users to click on your photo. The most important thing to keep in mind if you want to be successful on Instagram’s Explore page is that you must create awesome content if you want to get targeted Instagram followers. Simply showing up on the Explore page isn’t going to be enough. You need to produce photos that stand out among the countless others, piquing the interests of the Instagram users who are browsing the page. Once users start clicking on your posts, you’ll grow your targeted Instagram followers and if continue your efforts, you’ll enjoy successful results.