Customized Business Security Solutions

Business security is no longer about locking your doors and hiring armed security guards. There is more to enterprise security than the physical infrastructure. With the emerging shift of business management to web-based platforms and mobile apps, it’s critical to establish secure means of protecting your organization from hackers and fraudsters.

A Mobile app enables you to remain connected to your company from wherever you are through computers, smartphones, and tablets. Numerous high-quality software programs allow you to access your business remotely without worrying about what’s going on in your absence.

Apart from software solutions, you can consider installing the following solutions to protect your business:

Intrusion Detectors

Protect your proprietary data, facility, inventory, and employees from intrusion or theft by installing intrusion detectors within the access areas of your business premises.

Video Solutions

Install CCTV cameras with multiple video streams to automatically record events as they happen and get video clips on your mobile phone. The videos should begin to record and transmit data the moment an alarm is triggered.

Access Points Control

Every entry point and access areas of your building should be securely controlled to improve employee safety and asset security.

Fire Alarm Systems

The only way to minimize or entirely avert damages from fires is early detection and immediate response. Install fire alarm detectors and integrate the same with the fire department for quicker response.

Web Content Filtering

Information filtering or web content filtering uses software to screen and exclude websites or emails that are considered objectionable. Corporations use web filtering as part of Internet firewall protection and also on personal computers where parents can screen what their children access.

Content filtering works by identifying character strings that when matched, picks undesirable content that is screened out. Most users screen out pornographic content or videos promoting violence or hate. However, content filtering critics argue that it’s common to exclude useful content unintentionally.

What’s the Best Web Content Filtering Software?

Web filtering software screens an incoming web page and determines whether the entire page or part of the content should not be accessible to the user. It starts by analyzing the origin of the content against a set of rules that you’ve set. Such websites may be engaging in spreading harmful malware, viruses, objectionable advertisements, pornographic materials, and other untrusted content. These programs also reduce recreational website surfing by employees and secure your organization’s network from web-based threats.

Some Web filtering products also support reporting to give feedback on which traffic has been filtered and who was trying to access such information. Some features will allow users to access the page but display warnings on the access window. The web administrator can override the filtering software and unblock pages as may be required.

Other Forms of Web Protection

As much as web filters can screen a broad range of malware, web security experts advise additional forms of protection. You can install network and desktop antivirus software since web filters only serve as part of your firewall and proxy server.

Mobile platforms are now the new area targeted my cyber threats. As the more corporations adopt the mobile apps, threats in this new frontier rise. Businesses are becoming more exposed to vulnerability and data threats every single minute. Consider purchasing an enterprise-grade threat defense solutions to protect your business from these mobile security risks and keep your devices secure across the four Gartner layers of protection.


Professional web security service providers can simply identify mobile apps with improper permission levels or programs leaking sensitive information. This is achieved by scanning web applications and analyzing malicious apps top provide zero threat detection every day.