How to advertise on TV if you’re a small business

Most small businesses see television advertisement as only for ‘the big guys’, an advertising channel that only companies with lots of disposable cash can afford – this is not the case.

Television advertisement can be an affordable medium that can greatly increase your company’s profit. It’s proven to provide a significant return on investment for smaller businesses.

Small businesses can take advantage of this medium without spending a multi-million-dollar budget on a massive set with a ton of props, creative direction, and actors.

A successful television advertisement knows what works on the medium and how to take advantage of the remnant time slots.

Here are the steps to advertising on television for a small business from the public relations team at Adoni Media:

  1. Research and know your target audience

Knowing who your target audience is and how they respond is crucial. You need to make sure that you’re selecting an appropriate television show that matches your customer’s demographics.

It’s important to understand and establish the demographic of your customers including age, gender, ethnicity, income, and other information. This will allow maximum reach of your target customers.

  1. Select a TV station or show

When you’re deciding what television station or show slot to select to reach your target audience it’s best to request a media kit from each channel. A media kit will contain viewer’s information and demographics.

You can also ask the station’s advertising manager or a salesperson to help you find a show that closely matches your audience.

Most television stations charge more to place ads on certain shows (especially during primetime) than if you buy a run of schedule, which randomly places your ads on station’s shows. This is a great option, but it might not get your advertisement in front of the right people.

  1. Create your advertisement

To develop and create your advertisement, start by creating a list of key elements you want to include. If you are buying a 30 second spot, you’ll need to ensure that your ads are exactly 30 seconds long.

Viewers generally switch from one station to the next, especially if an advertisement isn’t interesting to them. In order to sell your product, you need to grab the viewer’s attention within the first 10 seconds of the advertisement. By presenting a problem or need that they have will make them want to stay and hear the solution, gaining their attention to your ad.

  1. Cost out your advertisement

Begin calculating how much your advertisement will cost including video production, post-production, talents, and consider how much the placement on television will be.

  1. Purchasing your advertising time

Before committing your entire budget and placing all your ads at once, consider test runs. If your advertisement is running on multiple stations, you can buy fewer commercial slots on each. This allows you to understand what station or slot increased your sales.

Are you considering television advertising to help get your business out there?

3 Reasons Work-From-Homers Shouldn’t Use Their Homes as Meeting Spots

Working from home can be a liberating experience, particularly if you’ve spent a good chunk of your professional life reporting to an office every day. Additionally, conducting business from the comfort of your residence is synonymous with a number of perks. Not having to get up early, contend with rush hour traffic and allow someone else to determine your work hours are just a few of the perks of being your own boss. Still, while your home may make a great workspace, it’s not necessarily the best place to meet with current or prospective clients. When meeting with clients or business associates, it’s generally a good idea to rent out a professional office or conference room for the following reasons.

1. Noise

If you cohabitate with pets or small children, odds are you’re no stranger to noise. Although you may have grown accustomed to high levels of noise, the clients you meet with may not be so amenable. Attempting to hold a business meeting in an environment that’s plagued by noise pollution is practically guaranteed to cause you and any clients with whom you’re meeting a great deal of frustration. Furthermore, holding a meeting with a prospective client in a noise-laden home is liable to make him or her think twice about enlisting your services. With this in mind, make a point of renting out a conference room or professional office – like the kind offered by Main Suites LLC – for your next meeting.

2. Messiness

When meeting with clients, it’s important for your workspace to project an air of professionalism. However, since most homes are chockfull of everyday clutter, children’s toys and assorted personal items, it can be difficult to imbue one’s living environment with a professional feel. Furthermore, most people possess neither the time nor inclination to clean their residence from top to bottom every time a client is scheduled to come over.

3. Safety

Meeting a prospective client in person for the first time is always a little risky. Even though the odds of something going wrong are very slim, allowing someone you’ve never met to enter your home isn’t always a good idea. As such, it’s recommended that you meet with first-time clients in public places before inviting them into your residence.

There’s little wonder as to why many people find working from home preferable to reporting to a traditional workplace every morning. However, home offices generally aren’t great places to meet with clients, be they current or prospect, for the reasons listed above. The next time you’re slated to meet with a client, take care to book a temporary office or conference room.

Electrical work in Coquitlam

Due to the fact that you have many companies you can hire for electrical upgrades, repairs, or general electrical work, that you have to take the time to compare several top electrical contractors in Coquitlam prior to hiring one. Doing this not only allows you to find the electrical contractors in Coquitlam which are certified and licensed, but it allows you to narrow down the most qualified companies you can hire, based on their field of expertise. So, whether you decide you will have electrical upgrades done to help improve efficiency and to help reduce energy costs and consumption, need to have new LED lights placed, are considering updates to the latest lighting, or need to have any other electrical work done, there is a team of dedicated techs out there who can do the job. And, when you take the time to compare a few of the top companies which do work in the commercial sector, you can also compare the reviews by other customers, you can consider how long their guarantees and warranties are on any work which will be done for you, and of course, customers will be able to compare the price of all of the services and work which they will be doing for you if you choose to hire them. So, you find the companies which have dedicated electrical contractors, you find the top rated companies based on customer reviews, and you of course find the best deals, by getting quotes and compare the work that will be done and performed, for the quoted price offered.

When the time comes to hire a contractor or local company you also want to know they are well known and highly respected locally. So, it is important for customers to take the time to find the top local companies which have been doing electrical work for many years, the ones that have done work in the commercial sector, and are often hired by local businesses, for the high quality of work they perform, are a few of the many things you can look for when the time comes to hire contractors. When you take the time to find and compare top companies, not only are you going to be pleased by quality, as well as how long it will take for them to complete the job, as well as the guarantees which they will be providing you with as a local customer in the commercial field.

You have more than one company which you can choose to hire for electrical work; in the commercial field, you have to take the time to compare a few, so you do find the best fit, the most qualified, and the best prices in the local market for all electrical service needs. By taking the time to compare companies, local business owners are more than likely going to hire a reputable contractor, and a team of experts who are truly qualified to do all of the electrical work which has to be completed for any job on a commercial site.

Calgary rentals

For roughneck trailer rental services, or if you are in need of industrial first aid in Calgary, which local companies or service techs can you rely upon for such emergency and safety services? Due to the fact that you may require a wide range of safety services, based on the line of work you do, and the type of clients you deal with, taking the time to find a company which can provide the roughneck trailer rental services, the local safety or emergency service, or the industrial first aid in Calgary which you are looking for as a business owner, are a few things to consider when choosing a service provider. How many and what level of service are you going to require? This is one of the many questions you are going to want to have answered, when the time comes for you to choose a provider to offer such services. Not only so you find a great deal on the services you require as a business owner, but also so you find a provider which is reliable, and is going to ensure top-notch safety services for you, you’re employees, and anyone that may happen to come across a dangerous job or work site where accidents are prone to happen. As a business owner, you may want to invest in a provider of safety services which is fully going to guarantee the work they do. Not only to ensure they are high quality services, but also so you know you are fully covered and protected from liability in the event an accident or a major injury does take place on the site. You know everyone who is there is covered, and the safety provider is going to take care of the danger and the emergencies as they do take place on a dangerous job site.

There is no way to prevent some accidents from taking place; if this is the case in your line of work, as a business owner you are going to have to invest in the best Calgary emergency and safety services, in order to ensure anyone who is on the job site is going to be safe, and if they are injured, are tended to promptly and by a top service provider. In choosing the type of safety services, as well as the company to go through, not only do you want to compare the package and safety service offerings, but also the pricing, the type of service guarantees they are going to make, and you may also want to find out what other companies have to say about the care provider. Doing this gives you a better idea as to the quality of care you can expect, the type of safety work they are going to do, and how timely of a response time they are going to offer, so that any emergency can be dealt with in the appropriate manner, and in a timely fashion if it is required.

Mould removal in Burnaby

The proper air quality testing work is not only going to allow service teams to detect mould, but will also allow them to determine the right lead removal in Burnaby and mould removal methods if they are required. Due to the fact that the air quality testing done in a home versus that done in a commercial area will differ, you have to hire the right team of techs for the job. Further, any company you do choose to hire should have fully licensed techs, certified teams, and they should also be fully bonded and insured to do the job on site. In addition to this, you want to know the company you do hire has a team of lead removal in Burnaby techs working on site, as well, which will allow them to not only do the quality sample tests, but also do any and all removal work if there is any traces of lead or mould found on site, which do have to be removed. So, taking the time to find the right companies for testing and removal, is the first step to ensure your home or your commercial space is clean, safe, and can be lived or worked in, by those who do frequent the space regularly. So, how do you go about deciding on a company to hire for such service needs?
In addition to the licensing and certification, the right equipment has to be used by the techs. So, they should have new equipment, the latest testing methods being used, and proper technique being employed when performing the testing. All of this allows the techs to properly test any space, get to the deepest layer, and ensure they perform a thorough test, so as to spot any mould, or any lead, which might not be visible to the eye. In addition to this, the company you do hire should have a great reputation; they should be well known locally, should have the top team of removal techs, and they should employ the use of the latest methods and techniques to do the removal work if it is required. If they have to do demolition work, you want to know they have the right equipment, but also that the team of techs is fully trained, and is going to do the work in a timely fashion so as to get the property back up and running in no time. Of course you want to keep all costs down, so you are going to have to shop around prior to choosing the techs you are going to hire for the testing and removal services, as well.

You will find many companies you can hire for lead removal and air quality testing work which you need to have performed; in addition to this, many companies are fully certified and licensed for the work. So, only when you take the time to compare companies, quotes, and compare the top rated local experts, will you find those who are best qualified and are most affordable for the job.