Marvellous Features of Virtual Mailbox

If we are living in Canada or the United States of America then we can receive tonnes of mails from time to time, from our friends or relatives. But in this busy world as we cannot even find time for ourselves, then how are we able to check our mails on daily basis. For this purpose, PostScan provides a Virtual mailbox for us. Most of you are not even familiar with a Virtual mailbox. Basically, it is some kind of agency who receives our mails and notifies us on the daily basis. The benefit of this company is that now we will never miss our important mails. Due to this step now wherever we are in the world, all of our mails are now received on our cell phones or by E-mails.

Save your Time

It happens most of the times that we forget to check our mailboxes, and the reason is that after a long tiring day from the offices. All we need is just some rest, and we just completely forgets to check the mailboxes, which could have some important emails for us. Like,

  • Job Letters
  • Interview Letters
  • Important Parcels
  • Invitation Letters
  • Passes for the events etc.

All of these above could be the important reasons that we are required to check our mailboxes on the regular basis. Not only has this it also happened that we order something on the online store. And before we receive the delivery, we need to go out of town or even the country. So in such condition, there is always some sort of tension in our heads about our parcels. So once you are subscribed for this Virtual mailbox then you need not worry about anything. This Virtual mailbox will notify us about the parcels, and keep it safe for us in their storage facility, till we arrive back.

How does it work?

There is no such complex technique to us this Virtual mailbox. All you need to do is to create an account on the PostScan, and once you get registered with it. Then after that, you will receive an address. Now just note down that address. And next time give this address for all of your posts. Now your duty is over. From now on everything is being handled by this Virtual mailbox. As all of your mails will now be posted to the new address. And they will scan the front of the postal envelope, and notify you via e-mail or a picture on your phone.

It’s your turn now to decide that what you want to do with that envelope. Like of you want that envelope to be received, then that envelope or parcel will be delivered to you. It does not matter that wherever you are in the world, that envelope will be handed over to you as soon as possible. Further, if you want to keep that post remain stored and to be read later. Then this Virtual mailbox consists of a storage facility. Which is really safe, and your post will remain there for as long as you want it to be.

Moreover, if you want that post to be opened and to be sent to you in the form of a picture, then this Virtual mailbox also provides this facility. And the last option is to dump that post or to be shredded. In short, your privacy is guaranteed.