Tips for Effective Business Signage

Signage remains an effective, affordable means to introduce or market your service or product. When done right, it can convey your message correctly and attract potential customers. With careful planning, you can have great signage that draws people’s attention and has them rushing through your door. When creating your business signage, your customers should come first, not what you think is right for you. Know your audience and what you think would spark their interest. Here are other essential tips to ace that signage.

Be watchful with the wording

Effective signs have the right wording. The word count should be limited. Your viewers only have a few seconds to spare to read all that’s written on your sign. Other text can just be a distraction, so keep it short and sweet if you want to grab their attention. Include only the essential information and a call to action. It should have your brand name, contact number, website URL and tagline. Do not forget a call to action, so the interaction does not end with just reading your message.

Decide on a deliberate design

Designing your business signage takes into consideration several elements such as the focal point, branding, font, capitalisation and colour scheme.

  • Focal point: your sign’s focal point should be towards the upper left part.
  • Branding: needless to say, your sign should be consistent with your brand in terms of colour palette, font and wording to reinforce your identity.
  • Font: larger letters and strong styles are ideal for use in signs.
  • Capitalisation: it is not always wise to use all capital letters. Using title case is better because it is easier to read.
  • Colour: besides being consistent with your branding, the right colour contrast is necessary for your signage to be pleasing to the eye. It is safe to use fewer colours but if you want to have more, make sure they work well together. Of course, your choice of colour depends on your type of business.

Plan the proper placement

Placement is essential in effective signage. No matter how clever the design or message, if it cannot be seen, it will in no way be effective. Make sure the signage is clearly seen by customers by clearing any obstructions. It should also be properly illuminated to be seen at night time. Check it from afar and see how it works. Look around you and observe the other signs. This should give you an idea on the right height or dimension for your signage.

An attractive sign is a key visual element that represents what you do or what you offer. Business signage can be your inanimate salesperson, so it is crucial for it to represent you well. Signs are cost-effective investments, but make sure you do it right and work with the best people to do it. If you are on the lookout for professional printers Stockport offers, trust those with sufficient experience and supplies because they will surely know what is best for your brand.