What to Pack for Kids on the Plane


You are preparing for a flight with your kids, and you are not sure what to include in their backpack. Don’t worry.

Admittedly, traveling with your kids is an amazing yet stressful experience. Kids tend to be hyper and can be a nuisance, especially in long flights.

All you need to do is to include not only essentials but also things that occupy them. You should their interests and hobbies. Moreover, adding something interesting in their backpack will serve them right.

The following are some essential things you should consider adding especially on your girl’s backpack.


  • Clothes


Ensure you pack extra clothes for your kids. They can spill drinks on their clothes and you may need to change those dirty clothes. Young kids below two years need to change clothes regularly.

The best thing to do is to ensure you are equipped with enough clothes.


  • Travel blanket


Kids love to sleep. If you are on the plane for more than three hours, add a blanket in their packing list. They are prone to fall asleep during the flight. Covering them is essential to keep them warm.


  • Medications


This is a critical thing you should never forget. If your kids are under any medication, remember to add to their backpack. You don’t want your kids’ health to deteriorate when on flight or ruining your summer holiday.


  • Wipes and tissues


Hygiene is essential for every kid. And that’s why wipes will be useful in wiping seats and tables. While preparing your kids backpack ensure this is an item they will not miss.


  • Snacks and empty water bottle


Consider packing snacks for your kids. Dry meals are the best while traveling. Empty water bottles are necessary to fetch water in the airport before boarding the plane. And you know water is vital to keep your kids hydrated.


  • Electronics


Add electronics in your kids’ backpack to keep them entertained. If your kids get bored, they will make noise and cause drama in the plane. Pack for them laptops, iPods, game systems and tablets.

They can watch their favorite plays and engage in different games during and after the flight. It’s an excellent way to keep your kids involved and allows them to have a great trip and holiday.


  • Crayons and a drawing pad


If your kids love drawing, then make sure you pack drawing books and pencils for them. These will keep your kids occupied during the flight. You can also add a travel journal. They can record all the activities they’ve done and the places they have traveled.


  • Teddy bears


If your kids love teddy bears, you can add to their backpack. One teddy bear is enough-pack their favorite.

Bottom Line

Deciding what to add and what not to add can be hectic especially in a kids backpack. The above list will make the selection process more manageable and will ensure you don’t add unnecessary items.

You should only pack what’s necessary for the flight. Besides, add items to entertain and engage your kids. You want your kids to have an enjoyable trip.

Happy flight with your kids.