One of my articles that I featured last time is a marketing proposal. A marketing proposal is a write-up that tackles the strategies, materials used and the target audience of the product. It is usually done in a reporting process to be presented before the higher persons in a company (especially in food and heavy industries). It also serves as a suggestion of the employee to help the company’s marketing prosper and make their income grow. What is a proposal in general? A proposal is a suggestion or plan in a formal writing or presentation showing what needs to be done. In marketing, it answers the question “What do we need to do to introduce our product or need to rise our revenues up and make expenditures drop?” The proposal also introduces the product or service to the executives. The marketing essay that yours truly wrote was an example of a proposal that introduces the new service.

How to write a marketing essay?

  1. The target market

Who will be the target market of your product or service? There goes the target market. The target market is a category of people considering class standards. This goes from A, which means the highest, and E, the lowest. The proposal’s strategy is usually defined by its target market. The usual target market is from C to E, since they are the majority of the population of the target market. Age, employment status and, if they are employed, what type of job they have. Then the strategies and the coverage of the advertisement would go smoothly.

  1. The product and the slogan

In marketing proposal, you need to define the product and slogan. Example is in my essay, when I mentioned the name of the service “Eurostar” and its slogan “Connecting Britain and Central Europe with ease” now, I will explain, Eurostar is a rail company in Europe that connects London with continental part of Europe, like France. My slogan shows that the connection and relation between the UK and central European nations of Germany and Poland will be much easier in terms of tourism and work-related travel.

  1. Market research

When you have already found the target market and the slogan, do some research about the product or service and the market that will benefit from it. In this research, you need to know the population, literacy rate, life status, type of job they have in the said area, cultures and traditions, income, expenditures, hospitality and many factors to make your market go or no meaning can be sell to the public or not. Sometimes the product is enough to know who will be the target market would be and how it will be sell to. But still market research puts the support to the said product or service.

  1. Tactics and strategies

Now in the marketing proposal, you will also show to the executives what will be your strategies and tactics. What you will go to do? Sponsorship, a radio or television commercial, social media, out of home advertising, such as posters and stickers on a bus, or what will be the other strategies and tactics that you will do to sell your product or service to the public. What materials will you use for your commercial if there is going to be a shooting for a commercial? Who will be the endorsers? In choosing the endorsers, pick a famous celebrity for that but sometimes even a finest commercial does not need a famous endorser right? So, let us go to sponsorships. Who will be sponsored: the sport team; the program in television; a concert or an event that can introduce the product? For this, you need to explain the details of your tactic and strategy before its approval or rejection.

  1. Budget

This is the question that the proposal makers and even the executives will ask you. “How much will be the budget for this?” Let us be clear, they want to have a commercial or an advertisement to create more income while they want to have small expenditures for it. This is what they want; the budget that the company will shell out is the factor for you to make the advertisement successful.

  1. Style of advertising

What style or kind of advertising will you do? If you said all, then do it. It is like there all options to make your product more popular than ever. The more popular, the better, and sometimes they already release the product as their proposal says to the public before advertising. Example of this is a coffee brand new product of which entered the market without any advertisement and when the product became popular, they advertised it as an introduction to the market of what they bought.


There are many ways to create an advertisement. There are tools to get the product or service to be rolled in the market. Creativity, imagination, innovation and emotion are already there, what you need is to defend your product by means of a marketing proposal.