How to Make Your Small Warehouse Space Work Harder

Space is a crucial factor for any warehouse facility and it’s essential that businesses have enough to operate effectively and efficiently. However, extra space also comes at a cost, which impacts on profits. It can also be hard to find enough space in a suitable location, so sometimes there might have to be a compromise.

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Choose the Right Storage Equipment

If you’re running out of space, conducting an assessment of what you currently have in stock and how you use the space can be beneficial. Once you have this you can look at the various storage options that are available, such as used pallet racking, to decide which will be best for your requirements. It’s important to choose systems that have the flexibility to grow as your stock needs expand, like modular cabinets.

Benefits of Automated Systems

For those facilities that store large and bulky products that can’t be handled manually, an automated system will allow the warehouse to run smoothly and at full capacity all the time. These systems offer additional safety features, as there is less of a requirement for employees to pick and handle goods, so it also minimises the risk of human error.

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Make the Most of Height

As it becomes harder to get sites with sufficient storage space in the best locations, companies are looking at alternatives, with some even choosing to build warehouses underground. However, an easier way of making your space work more efficiently is to use vertical storage systems, such as the used pallet racking available from

This allows you to maximise every cubic foot and gives you more floor space to use for other features. Innovative handling systems have reduced the need for fork lift trucks to access high racks, which improves safety and limits the amount of aisle space that is required.

Look to the Future

As well as considering your current requirements, you also have to have one eye on the future, to ensure that you choose a cost effective system that can grow with you. As your need for warehouse space expands, having a flexible system that can adapt to these changes means that you can simply add to what you already have, rather than needing to start again, which would disrupt the operation of the business.