The best reasons to sell your gold jewellery

Throughout human history, gold has been considered as one of the most valuable things anyone can have. It has been used to exchange for goods and it also a store value. Owning this precious metal in any form is a smart way to preserve wealth. Even gold jewellery has value and can be used as cash.


Why would you sell gold jewellery?


The benefits of gold make it socially accepted and it can be easily liquidated. So if you have unwanted gold jewellery, coins, artefacts or bars and you need money, you can sell them for cash. With the price of gold being what it has been over the last couple of years, it would be a great time to sell.


There are a couple of reasons why people sell their gold to gold dealers Brisbane. Let’s look at a few of the most appealing ones:

Cash is hard to come by in tough economic times. The current economic climate isn’t friendly at all. Inflation is on the rise and more people have lost their jobs. With inflation rising and political tensions brewing, things are getting tougher for the ordinary man. You can alleviate some of your money burdens by selling off some of the gold you might have. You can take any gold item you have to gold dealers Brisbane to be assayed and priced right.



Selling your gold jewellery can be a good opportunity to get cash to invest in stocks, cryptocurrency or some other type of investment. You might want to buy into something tangible like real estate. You could also use the money to pay off a little of your mortgage or to help pay the deposit on a new property.


Replace Old Jewellery

Jewellery is used as a form of adornment. However, some jewellery goes out of fashion and people no longer wear it. Itcan stay for years being buried under more jewellery. Some jewellery is inherited or gifted. If you no longer want the jewellery you currently own take it to a gold dealer in Brisbane to exchange for cash instead of letting it sit unused and collecting dust. Selling old jewellery is an easy way to keep your jewellery collection up to date.

Broken Jewellery

Jewellery like necklaces, bracelets and earring get broken with regular use. You could end up with necklaces that have broken clasps or earrings with missing hooks. You can get money for such jewellery instead of spending money to fix it. Gold jewellery is valuable for the gold it contains. An 18 karat gold necklace with a broken clasp is worth the same as any other 18 karats with the same weight.


Finding the Best Gold Jewellery buyer

The price of gold is always changing, so if you have some jewellery you are thinking of selling, you should keep an eye on the spot price to determine whether you can maximize what you can get.


You may always be able to reach out to any gold buyer for an evaluation or estimate of how much a gold buyer will pay for your gold jewellery. There are plenty of gold dealers Brisbane, you simply need to search online for a buyer near you. Make sure you find more than one so you can compare different offers.