Kirill Veselov on What Does It Mean to Run the Best Treatment Center in America?

“Recovery happens at the intersection of honesty and generosity,” Kirill Vesselov says.

Kirill Vesselov has been the CEO of Haven Health Management, a substance abuse recovery management company in South Florida, since 2012.

Kirill and his colleagues founded The Haven Detox to provide quick detoxification under medical supervision. They saw that detoxification from alcohol and other addictive substances can be medically perilous. Detoxification is not a process to do yourself. People in recovery need immediate access to doctors when complications arise. They need in-patient care.

But Kirill Veselov and his collaborators also recognized that getting sober is hard. Anyone going through detox will feel physically awful from time to time. Detox is not the time for added stress. People beginning the road to recovery need safe, secure, pleasant places to go through the process of getting off the substances to which they are addicted.

A Model for Addicts and the People Who Help Them

Detox centers aren’t hard to find. They compete to offer state-of-the-art features that assure their patients are getting the highest standard of care. But, really outstanding recovery centers are marked by one characteristic:

Outstanding recovery centers are a place where the insight of the patient meets the generosity of the caregivers.

Kirill Veselov sees the Biblical story of the Prodigal Child, or, in the language of the Bible itself, the Prodigal Son, as a model for recovery.

In the story of the Prodigal Son, a wealthy family has two sons. The older son is sure of his future. The younger son is not, so he demands that his father give him his eventual inheritance—which would not be a lot since he was the younger son—to spend now.

The younger son goes off to a “far country,” blows his inheritance partying, and finds himself rooming with pigs. In the story, these are literal pigs. Everyone hearing the story would have regarded them as disgusting. And soon, the Prodigal Son was competing with the pigs for slop to eat.

That was the point at which the Prodigal Son had a moment of insight. “My father’s servants eat better than this. I should go back to my father’s house and ask him to hire me so at least I can eat.”

He begins the journey back home. His father sees him coming and, before the son even arrives, orders the servants to prepare a feast. The son throws himself on the ground asking for forgiveness, and the father picks him up and embraces him to welcome him as the Prodigal Child once again at home.

At The Haven Detox, Recovery Is Personal

The Catholic Church gave Kirill Veselov the Prodigal Son award. Kirill Veselov and The Haven Detox understand that the people who voluntarily come to them for treatment have had a moment of insight. The Haven Detox meets them on their way to bring them into a caring environment for recovery.

The Haven Detox is located at 1325 Haverhill Rd, West Palm Beach, FL 33417. Call us for more information at (561) 328 – 8627 or email at