Ideas For Using Tech To Improve Your Business Trip

A trip to Santa Cruz, CA can be a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend the week, even if you are on a business trip. You might be interested in seeing the pristine beaches along the Monterey Bay. Or, the city’s rich historical artifacts and locations could appeal to you. You might also just want to have a good time outside of the office! No matter your reason for exploring Santa Cruz, the city has plenty to offer you. But as you travel for work, it is important to stay connected with your main office. Bringing tablets, laptops, and smartphones can make this trip both enjoyable and productive.

Traveling Around Town

While you are on location in Santa Cruz for your work, you’ll want to be able to stay connected with your primary office. Santa Cruz is a world-class city and much of the town is networked with publicly accessible wi-fi. There are casual cafes located throughout the city that make for a great place to set up your laptop to get work done. Whether you are using the newest MacBook Pro or you are working on your phone, you’ll be able to keep in contact with your clients and co-workers. When you aren’t buried in work, you can enjoy some of the sights around town!

1) Santa Cruz’s Main Beach – If you are in Santa Cruz when the weather is hot, you owe it to yourself to head to the beach. The main beach at Santa Cruz is also known as the Boardwalk Beach. In the summer, you will stroll by plenty of amusement parks, dining options, and local amenities. There are on-duty lifeguards, gentle waves, and a relaxing atmosphere that is impossible to ignore.

2) West Cliff Drive – Pack some sunscreen and get your hands on a bicycle. The West Cliff Drive is a perfect way to see Santa Cruz as it really is. The West Cliff Drive is also a great place to bike or jog as you’ll get a primetime view of the Pacific Ocean.

Comfortable Resorts To Stay At

When you aren’t in the office or out seeing the sights, you’ll need a comfortable place to stay. Fortunately, Santa Cruz is filled with quality resorts that are primed to keep you relaxed and comfortable during your downtime.

1) Hyatt Place Santa Cruz – If you are going to be staying in Santa Cruz, you really need to consider giving the Hyatt Place a call. The Hyatt Place in Santa Cruz is one of the top hotels near Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. This hotel places an emphasis on keeping business travelers connected to their work. There is an onsite business center with free wi-fi. You can also book a meeting room in order to hold conferences. Whether you need to connect your tablet or laptop to the internet for production, the free wi-fi make that happen.

2) Chaminade Resort & Spa – If the Hyatt Place isn’t your style, the Chaminade Resort & Spa has plenty to offer. This high-end resort offers premium relaxation in a beautiful package. There is on-site dining, a spa and fitness center, swimming pools, and large suites to rent. You’re a little further from the beach, but the views are just as good. The Chaminade Resort & Spa also offers rentable meeting rooms and productive business centers. You will be able to quickly and easily set up presentations as needed.

Traveling for work should be fun and productive. Thankfully, Santa Cruz makes sure to provide visitors with plenty to do while they are in town. Local accommodations allow business travelers to embrace their work while still enjoying some fun in the sun.