Everything that You Must Know about Form I-94

The U.S. is a country that has many types of Visas. It’s not surprising, because many people visit this country for many purposes. People go here to do many things, from working or dealing with their business, to vacation. One of the documents that you will get is the Form I-94? If you want to know more about Form i94 Information, here we have a helpful guide you can use for reference.

What is Form I-94?

Basically, it is a record or document that provides information that explains your departure or arrival from or to the U.S. as a traveler. So, every traveler needs to have it, if they want to enter the U.S. area or move to other areas from the U.S. area.

Form I-94 is available in two different forms. The first one is similar to the document that you have for traveling to other countries. This one is the physical form. So, you will get this document in the shape of a small card that contains all the information about your travel, for example, your date of departure. Mostly, you will receive the physical form, if you enter the U.S. area by land.

Form I-94 also is issued in electronic format. Actually, this format is the common format that traveler will get. The electronic format is available in the form of a stamp on your passport.  The officer will check this document, whenever you want to leave or enter the U.S.

One more important thing, form I-94 is also proof that you enter the U.S. area with legal way. So, this is a very important document that you must have, in order to avoid many problems.

Who Must Have Form I-94?

Basically, all travelers, which are non-immigrant, that enter the U.S. area must have Form I-94. You will receive it every time you travel to the U.S. However, there are people that won’t need this document to enter the U.S. area. They are:

  • Those who enter using the Visa Waiver Program and obtained ESTA,

  • Those who enter using Border Crossing Cards,

  • Those who enter using the Compact of Free Association,

  • Those who enter the U.S. as a crew member. For this one, you will receive the form I-95.

How Do I Get Form I-94?

Unlike other documents, you don’t need to apply for the Form I-94. You will get it automatically when you about to enter the U.S. area. Usually, it was given along when the officer checks and validates your traveling document. And, it happens on all kinds of transportations that you used, from land, air, to sea transportation.

If you travel by air, you will get the stamp or electronic form of the Form I-94. And, you will receive the paper for using land transportation. Just remember, you must return the paper when you leave the U.S. area. Otherwise, it will be considered to be an overstay. Basically, those are important Form i94 Information that you need to know. Hopefully, with this information, you won’t get any problem when you visiting the U.S.