Four benefits of renting out school facilities

Schools of modern times no longer have just one purpose. In addition to the main school, there are often gyms, swimming pools, extra rooms and sporting facilities, and even scope for weddings and business events. A school can now be a community and business hub. With budget cuts being imposed in recent years, teachers have had to think very creatively about how to raise money; in the process, these benefits have come to light.

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Community links

Giving people the chance to hire the school’s buildings is a fantastic way to build a relationship between the school and the local community. The school can host events such as birthday parties, charity fundraising events and even music festivals.

Attracting potential students

Boasting about the amazing on-site facilities is a good way to attract the attention of potential pupils and their parents. If a future pupil has a chance to explore the grounds and experience the school while growing up, before they enrol, this can reduce nervousness about starting a new school and making friends. It gives families the opportunity to see the school through a different lens, as opposed to only going to open evenings.

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Raising the reputation

More parents will choose a certain school if it has a good public profile and if they have access to plenty of information on it. If lots of people can share their personal experience of the school’s facilities, this will bolster interest and give the impression of a strong community. The school could potentially receive many more applications from future pupils if its variety of facilities are highlighted.

Hosting whole school for hire events

Offering the entire school for exclusive use will make it very attractive to potential customers and reduce the level of management needed by staff. There is also no need to worry about overlapping demand for car parking and entertainment space. A facilities online booking system from a provider such as is good for managing such an undertaking.

Financially beneficial

It goes without saying that renting out school facilities is a financial win-win situation. Offering facilities at the school for hire will generate income for the school and, in a time of budget cuts and stretched public services, will provide a welcome support network for local people and businesses.