How small businesses and sole traders can benefit from VoIP

Smaller businesses can often struggle to make their presence felt against larger enterprises. But in the modern, internet-enabled world the technology exists to help them compete on an equal footing.

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One of the technologies that can make a small business look like a larger one is VoIP telecoms. There’s no wonder therefore that more and more businesses are switching to this over traditional PSTN systems.

Big company features

When you call a big business you expect to encounter features like automated call menus, voicemail and so on. A VoIP system can give even sole traders these advantages, making the company appear larger and more professional. Automated menus for example can save on the cost of employing a receptionist and ensure that calls go straight to the right person who can deal with the issue.

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Switching to an International VoIP wholesale provider such as can also give you advantages like a memorable number to include in your advertisements, or even a local number for an area other than the one where you are based.

Staying in touch

A particular problem for sole traders is missing calls and losing out on business when you are out on a job. Thanks to VoIP this needn’t be a problem as you can divert calls to a mobile number. There is also the ability to make calls via your mobile but have them appear to come from your landline or memorable number so you don’t have to give out your personal number.

For businesses with a few employees you can take advantage of VoIP’s ability to reroute calls. This can be done in a number of ways. Many systems are able to recognise incoming numbers and route them in a particular way. It’s also simple to reroute calls to another member of staff when someone is on holiday or busy with another task.

Business is often about making an impression. Switching to VoIP can make your small operation appear like a much larger one to the person on the other end of the phone. It helps you project professionalism and this means customers, or potential customers, will have more confidence in doing business with you. In the long term therefore it can actually be a key part of making your small business into a bigger one.