Principles of Consumers’ Behavior

In this article, you will understand under which kind of pressure people make choice.

Consumer’s Logic: Basis for Marketing

Even if you are not a businessman or producer, you definitely think of choices you have made in your life. Earlier we wrote about specialties of consumer behavior in social networking and explained why sport became a second religion. Here you will know why consumers’ behavior is still an unexplored field, but it is very powerful tool for entrepreneurs in marketing. The psychology of buying is a deep science, which everyone faces during his or her life.

Color and Emotion

Do you remember when in childhood your friend often asked you about your favorite color? Probably, your boyfriend knows about the kind of flowers you adore or your wife stably buys you blue shirts. Other people want to know the palette of colors you like because they can bring you pleasure in different ways. The same story is happening in the psychology of choosing a wrap. Women like red lipstick, dresses, heels, cars and other stuff because such color excites our java. All doctors have the white or at least light uniform because sociologists counted that we trust people in white more than in black. We can hate or adore a type of captions and be anxious about the logo of some company. Look at your chat – there you will find funny smiles or stickers. Do not relax, as these are the triggers, which influence our psychology. Colors are connected with our emotions and producers try to put passion in any kind of product, and this should be used in marketing.

Profitable Lack

Each person wants to feel special, but not all can find their uniqueness inside. You can see it even on the example of sharing information. Psychologists say that we read and consume extra information for telling it to other people. If you do not have someone to show it, you might not want it at all. If in social networking people will not see from whom they get likes, they would not feel value. There is a season menu in each restaurant. Of course, in some way it is created to use popular products of this period. However, it is made to make people think they will never try it if do not buy the dish immediately. For example, such successful and profitable marketing strategy applies to the seasonal menu and extra propositions. People want to have something limited even if this Christmas overcharges cacao from McDonald’s.


Producers like to raise the price of the production as a marketing means to make it more valuable. And people want to feel valuable and to have prestigious things around them. Nowadays, there is some cult of coffee and you can enjoy it in every corner of the city. But young people, who are studying and working, usually sit in a café with minimalistic design and very expensive coffee. Also, there are hundreds of types, sorts, and variations of the drink. It seems there is something wrong in the psychology of people, who are ready to pay enormous money just for a cup of strange coffee. However, young people like such places because there they can get values. Earlier they haven’t been told about the necessity of good Wi-Fi, comfortable seats, plenty of sockets and fashionable audience around, and now all these become the tools of marketing. Research on this may be ordered at

Feeling of Involvement

Several decades ago, the meaning of word ‘’volunteer’’ was not known. Such unpaid variant of profession became popular because all of us psychologically want to be a part of something. For sure, there are people, who treat the society with prejudice and do not trust unfamiliar people. However, the phenomenon of volunteering started to spread because everyone wanted to be a part of something important. Such a tool is called involving. Psychologists are convinced that when someone says to a person that his contribution is valuable, the communication is immediately established. That it is why businessmen worry about a comment on their goods and ask each buyer about a review to develop the best marketing strategy.