Key Factors of Buying

In this article, you will learn about additional producers’ conscious factors to make you buy a product.

Birth of the Desire

In our previous writings about customer’s behavior, we talked about marketing strategies that make you interested in a certain production. Here we will discuss main factors of buying from the other side. In this writing, you will find gathered information about steps of desire that controls your real needs and which are widely used by marketing specialists.

Opinion Leaders

A consumer is an insider of the community and directly depends on its thoughts. That is herd instinct, which forces people to buy what others have. In modern conditions, we can see this hidden advertising in writings of bloggers and social activists. It seems they write friendly posts on Facebook, Instagram just to inform people about production. However, at first, a reader is not interested in marketing of this production. Everything changes when our associations are turned on. For example, we know that our friend Kate is an attractive, smart and funny girl,who could not wish you something bad. Somewhere she was asked to present a product to her friends. Earlier you have been just thinking about buying a production of such type. But now you are ready and eager to give your money for the thing because you trust Kate’s portrait. This principle is often used in marketing.

Impulse Buying

Our congratulations if you do not buy products in supermarkets. In such a case, you wouldn’t be touched by a great amount of advertising and unconscious influence. Probably, everything starts from bright writings that young promoters give for free on the streets. As a rule, there are listed goods and products on sales, but be ready to come in this supermarket and figure out that the products are not cheap. Owners of big businesses try to do everything just to lure you in the supermarket. Next time you will go for a shopping, pay attention to products’ placement. You should understand that a stand of aromatic coffee and buns is located particularly between grocery and chemical departments to make you feel relaxed. Always make lists of products while you are going for shopping in order to avoid unnecessary and unplanned purchases influenced by marketing of them.

Enticing headings in newspapers and advertisements are what it takes for you to survive in business world. It works and if do not do it, you vanish. Textual content is important and it can be provided for example by

Unsafe Comfort

There are so many things, to which we are used, because it is comfortable. It is a credit card, which we use because we do not want to put dirty cash in our pocket. In addition, it seems safer, as a physical rubber do not know the parole. On the other side, we don’t understand that we spend a lot of money. Standing at the box office with a card, you do not hold papered money in your hands and that makes you think you do not spend a lot. However, written sum on the check may make you mad. The same story happens with large strollers in the supermarkets, as you want to fill all the space with goods. It is much better to hold all your purchases in the smallest one or even in the hands to avoid impulsive shopping. Do not get trapped in marketing nets!

Nets of Sales

The owner of the business wants to turn you into a stable buyer of his production through the marketing tricks. That is why he tries to be loyal in the financial question. There are plenty of promotion actions to reduce the price of a certain good. For example, a written amount of coffee on the card that you have to drink to get a cup for free. In supermarkets, the practice of electronic cards that propose you sales or different production from the department you visit most of all is widely spread. For example, if you regularly visit dairy division, pay attention to emails from the supermarket that probably often propose some extra production from this department.