How to Earn Money with Blog

As the Internet has been developed, blogs didn’t lose in popularity. They evolved, changed their appearance and functioning. But the point of every blog remains the same: interesting content and constant refresh.

Blog is a website with regularly added text and multimedia posts as its main content. Sometimes, blogs are called Internet-magazines, Internet-diaries, online-diaries. The difference between this diary and usual one is its publicity. As a rule, online diaries are created with the purpose to be read and commented by others.

There are ways to earn money with blogs. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Partnership offers

In this care, you get your percent of funds from goods sold thanks to the visitors of your blog clicked a link placed on your website and passed to the online store to buy there something. Partnership programs should be close to the topics of your blog. For instance, Thrift books partnership program is good for a blog about books.

If you like travelling, you can start a travel-blog. In this case, tourism agencies and companies can be your partners. There are people who can travel for money they get from providing their blogs. Though, first travels and ads for your blog will require some investments for sure.

2. Contextual Advertising

There is a big contextual ad service in the Internet: Google AdSense. This service has its own requirements for placing a context ad on a website: for instance, the quantity of unique visitors has to reach 300 persons per 24 hours.

Contextual ads are text and graphic advertisements, that are automatically placed on your website after you register it in a service and install the required code. Google set up ads according to the context: the topic of content placed on a page.

You get a certain amount of funds for every click on these ads. Still, there is a problem connected to this way of earning money: your visitors will leave your website after they click on the ad, and this can have consequences for SEO. Additionally, such ads can stand outside of your website’s design concept. And if there are many advertisements placed at a time, they irritate users.

3. Link Selling

You can install a link exchange code (Trustlink, Linkfeed, Sape) or control the process and place links on your own. In first case, payments are significantly lower, but only a starting tune-up is required. Before using this method, get familiar with it in details, ask for advice of SEO-specialists on topical forums.

4. Direct Advertising

Like this: – “Write my essay” is not a problem.
Despite the fact, that banner placement is not as popular nowadays as it used to be before, this way of getting some incomes still remains one of the best. There will always be an ad-giver wishing to place an ad on a topical website. Look at their offers carefully, as they can influence search engine positioning of your website and the behavior of your readers as well. You need to find a balance between quality content and direct advertisements.

5. Paid Reviews

You can place paid reviews from advertisers and get solid rewards. Though, you need to have enough readers and quality content of your blog.

Additionally, you need to know how to write texts according to client needs or to be ready to place pre-written texts.

No matter what ways to earn money you choose for your blog, remember that you can’t cheat on your readers. If they understand your blog to be used only to get earnings, they’ll leave you alone forever. So, first of all try being interesting and useful to your audience, and start thinking about finances only after that. Reputation means really a lot in the Internet.
Have a good luck!