How to Create a Brand

Brand is the logo, the complex of associations, emotions, value characteristics about the product, that the customer has in their mind. This is a mental cover for the product. The strong brand is the competitive advantage, the reason of clients being loyal.

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Why is a brand needed? There are many answers to this question. One of the simplest and clear ones is: brand is what comes to one’s mind about the product once they see the logo or hear the name. That is why, correctly developed brand allows the company to bring conscious and unconscious messages to any client.

Creating a brand from zero is a very difficult task. Having an example before your eyes can be helpful. This won’t make you a copy, but will help you have a model to look at. Additionally, you can look for the inspiration from the best brands, because it is a creative process as well.

1.Create a Truthful, Sincere and Living Image

This step consists of six main moments:

  • Determine your mission clearly. The mission needs to respond to two important criteria: to be unique in something and to be real. So, think on such questions: what are your goals? What makes your company unique in its field? Why do you do what you do? What is your target audience?
  • Determine who you want to be for your clients. It is important to look at yourself with your clients’ eyes. The client has to treat your brand as a living human they can trust. Think about what you are going to put as the basis of your mission. Do you want your clients to feel like they are the closed club members (like Apple)? Do you want them to perceive your product as an adventure, as a nostalgia?
  • Think as your client does. Start from analyzing your own feelings and thoughts when buying any product. Why do you buy it? Why not the product of the competitor? Your brand has to give people what they need: self-confidence, strength, responsibility.
  • Improve brand language. You can’t live without a tagline. In addition, think out phrases that will be closely connected to your brand. Use these words in public often. Your tagline needs to be as simple as possible, but to work on several psychological levels at the same time. You can improve even the tagline itself, though it is better to do that gradually.
  • Choose the Design. Is your brand colorful and cheerful? Elegant and modern? Traditional and classic? Thing out the logo, but don’t overload it with details. Thing on the gamma of colors: it is essentially important, as it stays with you during the whole life of your company and brand.
  • Involve your workers. Go for brainstorms with them. You can do everything on your own, but consider that possibility. If you hired those people, they are interesting. Plus, if they take part in that process, they’ll do their job sincerely.

2. Earn Trust of Your Clients

There are four main moments here:

  • Your message about the product needs to correlate with the product itself. We live in interesting times: nowadays, even men pay more attention to their emotions and feelings. If your clients will feel even a bit of lies, they’ll choose another company, another brand. So keep an eye on that, the expectations of your clients need to be met all the time. First, make the direct interaction process perfect: service your clients ideally. Think about what associations your brand might call out, and learn to combine it with your products and services.
  • Provide marketing researches. What is the demography and a geo your clients? You can create a product that is attractive to everyone, but this is connected to huge risks and exes. You better concentrate on a separate group.
  • Provide comparative analysis. Pay attention on your competitors’ activities: what are their brands and products? What will help you make your product better that other ones? Remember, when lucky accident happens you can leave any competitor behind.
  • Communicate with your clients. React to all the compliant and noting messages, bring your apologies. Automatic answers to messages are not what you need at all: clients are to feel themselves as a part of a big team, a family. If they turn away from you, nothing makes sense.

3. Advertise Your Brand

There are four main things:

  • Develop your marketing strategy. Think about where and how could you advertise your company and your brand. Try involving different channels and possibilities into a process.
  • Be active in social media networks. They are the channel of connection with a huge audience. Contents policy, targeting: it all has to be thought out and connected to your brand.
  • Create a good website. It has to be informative and have usable interface. Make everything you can for the website and its pages to download fast. There are not that many users ready to wait longer than 2-3 seconds. It is too long in our times.
  • Take a personal part in social life. Be a participant of charity initiatives, volunteering and so on. In case if you do this sincerely, you’ll have a good chance to claim yourself, to make society better.