How a gun merchant account can help you process payment for gun sales

Being a gun or ammo dealer means going the extra mile to find efficient ways of processing payments, both online or at your gun store. The situation is made all the more real by the second amendment, which significantly influenced the decision made by payment solutions providers such as PayPal and Google Wallet to stop accepting firearm transactions.

That said, there is one easy and legal way to set up a payment solution for your gun business, and that is through a merchant account. Signing up for a merchant account from a high-risk provider such as opens up new and effective means of payment processing.


  • Credit Card Processing



Because no one carries large amounts of cash these days, being able to accept card payments from your customers is essential to remain competitive. The role of a merchant account is to facilitate the interactions that occur between your business, your customers, the credit card networks and your payment processor when you receive a card payment. A buyer, therefore, makes a purchase quickly and more securely.


It is much easier to open a merchant account than it is to keep books of credit accounts for all your customers.



  • Point-of-Sale (POS) Solutions



If you fancy an all-in-one system, some merchant accounts come equipped with a POS software, which handles cash, checks and credit card payments with accuracy and efficiency. Moreover, you can get a payment gateway for your POS system, to securely transfer sensitive credit card information.



  • ACH Payment


When a customer enters your door with money in the bank but no credit card in hand, it is up to you to provide a sensible payment alternative to ensure you complete the sale. A merchant account with an ACH system enables buyers to directly deposit funds from their bank account to yours, as either an ACH credit or ACH debit. ACH transactions are processed quickly, and the transfer of funds generally happens a day later.


  • ATM alternatives


With a merchant account, you can set up a point-of-banking system, which will enable your customers to swipe their cards and withdraw funds, just as they would on an ATM.

However, rather than receive cash, they would be given a voucher which you can then accept as payment. Because a point of banking ensures a customer pays before you complete a purchase, it discourages fraudulent activity and minimizes chargebacks.


If you are in the guns and ammo business, laying down payment methods can be hectic. Nevertheless, opening a high-risk merchant account gives you all you need for the seamless processing of your transactions.