Drayage Service in New Jersey and New York Area

Good supply chain management is very crucial to keep production process up and running in good efficiency. It means you need to make sure supply of products required for production process is always on schedule. Supply chain is always challenging and very sophisticated because it is related with outside parties. It is even more challenging when the supply comes from overseas carried on container by the sea. The container must be transported from the port to the production facility and don’t forget, it must be delivered on time.

New York and New Jersey ports are among the busiest one in the country. Both ports become destinations of millions of containers every year. Making sure container of your supply products arrived on time and transported to the production facility can be a tough process. The process of transporting container out of port to container terminal or end destination is known as drayage. The main of this process is the container carrier truck. But what you need for drayage process is more than just rent a truck and hire a driver. It requires more than just trucking solution but more a comprehensive transportation solution. The company providing the drayage solution is also required to be the one with good credential and experience working with container transportation from ports in New Jersey and New York Area.

You know very well that you need a reliable business partner to success and when it comes to drayage service in New Jersey and New York City area, it is highly recommended to choose TMX Intermodal. This company is specializing in ocean container logistic solutions and intermodal drayage service. It has been providing the best and most reliable logistic services to many companies from all scales in this area. TMX Intermodal is a mid-size company allowing it to become good partner for small and medium enterprises. The scale of this company also gives benefits as it is able to deliver hands-on approaches to make sure you will get the right solution for your particular needs.

What makes TMX Intermodal a better solution than other providers? This company is a fully certified logistics and transportation company and licensed for drayage services. This company is able to transport different types of cargos inside container including refrigerated cargo as well as cargos that requires specific attention like hazmat cargo. Got overweight container? Don’t worry. TMX Intermodal’s company owned chassis can handle it perfectly.

TMX Intermodal has company owned chassis making sure the best equipment is available when a cargo is ready to moved. It also has container yard facility located adjacent to Port Newark Container Terminal and easy access to all ports in New Jersey and New York. This facility is secured 24-hours security system. It allows you to make sure the container is on secured area and easily to be transported to your production facilities. TMX Intermodal is offering more than just transportation service but comprehensive logistic solution to support your supply chain process. This is the kind business partner you want to success.