How To Utilize Social Media To Advance Your Career

In this day and age where technology and social media have become such an integral and essential part of our lives, one of the most given piece of advice the older generation often give to the younger one is “quit social media, it will hurt your career.” While in some cases, where a troll is fired from their job due to their poor conduct in their social media account, it’s true – one cannot simply generalize the matter and cast social media as a bad phenomenon. It has a lot to do with how you handle your presence online, done right, your social media may just be what you need to advance your tech career. But how do you effectively and properly utilize social media to help you on that front? Keep reading to find out.

  • Build professional relationship your key contacts

Social media may be fun to interact with mutual friends and even more fun to use to stay up to date on various things going on in all parts of the world, but if you aim to use it to help your tech career, make sure your online regimen now consists of less playing around and more personal brand building. Another thing you must do is build professional relationship with your contacts on media such as LinkedIn.

  • Start networking on other social media websites

Other than LinkedIn, you may also network people from other site. For example, if you blog, you may simply refer to blogger in your newsfeed. You can either quote them or mention their work.

  • Put your expertise and abilities on display for all to see!

Go ahead, don’t be shy. Take your social media as your portfolio and let them see what you are capable of!

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