3 reasons to make demonstrations at a trade show

Demonstrations are often a good idea to exhibit at a trade show in Montreal. After years of experience in the field, Archex presents some of the many reasons why demonstrations add value to your exhibition stand.

Here are some ways you can benefit from them:

Draw attention

While people quickly forget what they read or hear at the trade show, presenting a product or service dynamically with visuals and explanations will give you the attention you deserve. The movements can divert their gaze and they will soon be captivated by this little show. Using what your company has to offer will be much less expensive than a technology or an activity developed when you want to attract attention. Make sure to keep it short and efficient by engaging a dynamic person to perform this task, such as an experienced brand ambassador.

Presenting Benefits

A demonstration is one of the best tradeshow ideas to prove to visitors that your product or service is working well. This is a good way to present the benefits you are proposing in a clear, effective and timely manner. Seeing how you can use it, in a concrete way, will greatly facilitate a visitors’ understanding. A demonstration allows you to acquire great credibility and thus more easily convince those who do not yet know your business. After all, you have to see it to believe it.

Engage the visitor

The best way to remember something is to experience it. Do not hesitate to invite visitors to try their own products or services at the trade show. It can be for example to taste food or to try a tool. Even if only one person has the chance to use it, visitors will tend to trust him if he says the product is indeed easy to use. Otherwise, you can simply challenge the audience by asking them questions and they will already be much more attentive to what you have to offer them.

In this way, Archex is confident that demonstrations are a great idea to exhibit at the trade show. If you are ready to take up the challenge, do not hesitate to ask about Archex’s trade show booth services. You are right to have confidence in your company; the challenge remains to convince others.