Top RideShare Apps to Assist You Finding Your Ride

The transportation industry has been experiencing drastic changes due to advancement in technology. Taxi business has been the most affected. The application of internet has been at the center of these changes. With the introduction if ride-sharing companies, business has never been the same. Like the tradition taxi, ride-sharing companies provide similar services but by connecting passengers to drivers via smartphone apps or what is popularly referred to as the RideShare App. 

The flexibility and friendly pricing are the main pros associated with RideShare Apps. These apps enable the customer to ask for a ride from any location. Most of these apps can display the nearest car to you from the company. It takes a few minutes to have you picked and dropped to your destinations. The cost of the ride is almost 50% off the traditional taxi. There many such Apps on the market with sites like RideShareApps offering the latest information about them. Here are the top RideShare Apps that you can use to find a ride:

• Uber
Uber is indeed one of the most popular ride-share companies in the world today. The aggressiveness that the firm has entered the market with is incredible. As a matter of fact, it one of the largest ride-share companies on the market. One thing that stands out in the Uber RideShare App is its efficiency. The app is super user-friendly making it one of the best apps to find a ride with. The company has hundreds of cars wherever it is operating, and thus you can quickly secure a ride within minutes. The pricing of the Uber service is highly competitive and one of the best that you can find.

• Lyft
Lyft is another great RideShare Apps for find a ride. The company boasts of extending its operation to more than 200 US cities including San Francisco, New York, and LA. They have a highly responsive and user-friendly app. Ride pricing is demand-based and thus high during the busy hours and vice-versa. One thing that makes Lyft attractive is its carpooling services. It allows the passengers to split fares if they opt for a larger car.

• Gett
Gett is great RideShare Apps that is making it big on the market. Formally known as GetTax, the app covers more than 100 cities in the world. In the US, it has its presence in the New York City, but it’s a big company in Europe. It has some of the best and reasonable pricing making it a force to reckon with. The company also offers advanced booking that can last for two weeks without changes in charges. 

• Juno
Though relatively new to the market, Juno is already making it big as a ride-share company. Apart from the friendly charges, the quality of service offered is incredible. In fact, the quality of drivers is top notch compared to most of the competition. Their app is designed for ease of use and thus can be used by virtually everyone. They have a huge number of cars spread all over and this it’s easy to secure a ride.

• Curb
Curb is described as an underdog company but one that is expanding aggressively. It will be a matter of time before it usurps the big boys on the market. Their RideShare App has made a name due to its efficiency and friendly pricing. Getting a ride with it is incredibly easy.

If you are searching for a quick ride, these are the RideShare Apps that you can use. All these apps have large fleets of cars in areas that they operate from, and thus it’s easy to secure a ride in a matter of minutes.