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Advancements in retail-based EPOS Software, are having a significant effect on consumerism around the globe. Indicated in the engagement between consumers and retailers with smart-phone technology and contactless payment options. While shopping, a person can browse the companies latest offers, pay for items to pick up in-store and most crucially the ability to make a comparison against other providers; so that they can receive the best price obtainable in the marketplace.

The online retail comparison marketplace, RetailMeNot, recently published research in the area of EPOS Software that acknowledged that superior utilisation of these technologies and an added focus on Smartphone-friendly shopping experiences might likely facilitate United Kingdom retailers in gaining an extra £200 million in net sales in 2017.

The smart shopper wants their in-store and online shopping experience to be linked, reliable and simplistic. Data from the research identified that mainstream retailers are at a standstill when attempting to unite their online and in-store sales procedures. The research shows that 38% of multi-channel retailers are consistently failing to align product price throughout all channels; most likely due to only two out of five of these retailers having a cross-channel price-integrity department.

CES Software EPOS Software

CES Software are experts in EPOS Software that enable a business to gain the edge required for continuous success. The technology designed for use in both retail and hospitality industries delivers consistent speed in customer service, enhanced personnel efficiency tools, price management modules and advanced stock control functions. These systems incorporate cloud-based technology that will allow for complete reporting on system output. We can ensure that our EPOS Software are dependable, protected and scalable to grow profit; united with our vigorous, simple to learn hardware. The results are individually modified so that the solutions meet your needs.

The range of software and EPOS Software provided by CES Software are at the best commission rates in the industry. The Hardware that accompanies these solutions is also at the top of the range, giving you the peace of mind that your business has the edge when operating.