A very assertive gift could transform your event, congress or meeting into a total success. As the industry raises the goals for planning future events, planning professionals should consider giving gifts that inspire their peers, teams, and colleagues. There are a lot of options that not only express gratitude but also foster creativity and inspiration. We share with you five useful gifts to increase happiness and productivity in attendees of your events.

1. Traveling Mug – to carry coffee everywhere!

Because coffee generates happiness in many people, a reusable bottle made of non-toxic stainless steel is an excellent idea for all those who wake up very early. The first thing they do is prepare a large pot of coffee; For them, the most practical thing is to be able to transport your cup of coffee to any place. There are many features of where to choose the best option; you can even personalize it with a name so that each cup is as unique as the employees of your company.

2. Coloring book for adults – therapy for large children

The coloring is no longer just for kids; coloring books helps those looking for peace and inspiration. A very useful technique for adults that helps relieve stress calm the mind, promote attention and inspire creative thinking.

3. Portable charger – do not get caught on the way down

With so many emails and running around in the event room, who has time to sit and wait until he finishes loading his cell phone? No one wants to be worried that they will run out of battery power, so it’s a magnificent idea to give away a portable charger to attendees. There is always something to suit every need and above all, it is useful for every occasion.

4.Planner – like a pro

A successful person should have a planner to be able to write down everything: a lot of appointments set a goal guide and always have a list of tasks at hand. This is an outstanding gift idea to give away to your attendees, to entrepreneurs, sales consultants, those interested in health and practically anyone who is willing to put their life in order.

5. Take control of internal balance

The key to reducing stress is to increase inner happiness. The five precepts outlined in the book The Consciousness Survival Kit will help us achieve an ethical and moral understanding and understanding of how it can be applied to everyday life and how it plays a major role in our society.

Consider giving something to help industry professionals keep motivating and surpassing each other to meet each year’s goals.


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