How to come up with Effective Brochures – Some Awesome Tips


The advancement in the ecommerce industry and rising demand of online shopping has probed the updating and revamping of print collateral for various companies who are now offering their products through online shopping to their customers. The demand is eventually shifted towards the brochure design Dubai agencies, as Dubai is the next consumer hub for global brands and foreseeing the market opportunities, many brochure design agencies have already setup their existence in the country. Seeing the overwhelming requirement that the designers are receiving for creating brochure design, here are few factors that could help designers in creating more aesthetically advanced brochure designs for clients.

Targeted text:

No one likes to read paragraphs of lengthy text if it’s explainable in fewer lines. Longer texts tend to not entice the customer to read through and while doing that he might even miss the punch line that you have set up for him. What can be done here is to graphically arrange the text in different writing styles that works as bullets. The customer will read these highlighted points and gets the idea that you are trying to convey to him.

Vibrant colors grab attention:

It is advised to every web design agency to use bold colors on sales brochures because vibrant colors attract attention. Slightly more times would be required for the purpose but it will definitely worth it. It will not only make your brochure look attractive but intelligent use of colors can also convey vital information in a much concentrated way that prevents it from fading away from the consumer’s mind.

Use images:

Use of images is highly advised to all the designers creating brochure designs. Use of good quality images not only entices the audience to read through the entire brochure content but also makes understanding much easier and quicker. Designers must use the power of high quality imagery to decorate their design and effectively communicate what the business is trying to through them.

These 3 tips will provide you the very basic information on how to create attractive brochures for clients. I will write about few more tips shortly. By incorporating these tips into your daily brochure design regime, I am sure you will be able to create better and more persuading brochure designs for your clients that also perform and have the capability to bring in more business.

About the author:

This article is authored by Talha Manzoor. He hold vital experience in launching online brands and maintaining their profound presence both through positive publicity and paid advertising. Currently he is associated with a web design agency in Dubai. He loves to write about latest in technology and occasionally writes about nature. He has a fun and frolic personality and does animal welfare as voluntary work. Talha Manzoor tweets at @Talhamanzoor24.