Forbrukslån: COVID Relief for the Self-Employed and Small Businesses

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of small and startup businesses continue to face a lot of pressure, forced to adjust to shutdown rules (which are constantly changing), as well as adopt new applications to keep their workers and customers safe.

The government approved a year-end $900 billion COVID relief package that would provide people a second stimulus payment. It also provides more debentures and relief for small and startup businesses, as well as self-employed individuals, including gig employees. Listed below is what people know about changes to these programs for small and startup companies, as well as self-employed individuals.

Access to debentures and emergency money

To keep enterprises afloat and workers paid, the government includes another round of 1st and 2nd forgivable debentures for small enterprises. This relief bill provides more or less $250 billion for the PPP or the Paycheck Protection Program.

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It offers debentures guaranteed by the SBA or the Small Business Admin at an IR of one percent. The new Paycheck Protection Program authorization broadens funding to more businesses and industries. These things also allow some enterprises to qualify for the second round of PPP credits.

Second credits target individuals who have previously borrowed with no more than three hundred workers and can show a twenty-five percent drop in their annual gross receipts or any quarter during the COVID-19 pandemic compared with the same pre-pandemic period.

Enterprises also need to have a plan to use or used all their first Paycheck Protection Program debenture to qualify for a second credit. Self-employed individuals, sole proprietors, and independent contractors are also eligible for 1st and 2nd Paycheck Protection Program credits. This debenture does not need personal guarantees, collaterals, or fees that small- and startup-enterprise loans usually involve.

These credits are to be used for compensation and payroll costs, health-care benefits, rent, housing loan interests, interest accumulated on other existing debts, and utilities. The relief bill broadens the allowable expenses to include various operational costs like software, workplace modification to meet health and government guidelines, protective equipment, and supplier costs.

It also includes property damages from public disturbances during the pandemic if the insurance company did not cover these costs. This relief bill also allocates twenty billion dollars for a second SBA scheme, the Economic Injury Disaster Loan that is being offered directly from the government agency. This round of Economic Injury Disaster Loan targets startups or small enterprises in low-income areas under the law.

The Economic Injury Disaster Loan can be transferred into a PPP debenture to take advantage of credit forgiveness. But this relief package would eliminate the clause requiring a Paycheck Protection Program individuals to deduct the Economic Injury Disaster Loan advance from the Paycheck Protection Program debenture eligible for credit forgiveness.

Qualified promoters and venue owners may also qualify for the SVOG or the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant. It offers fifteen billion dollars in small-business grants. Talent representatives, movie theater owners, and other qualifying enterprises can receive grants of up to forty-five percent of their gross earned revenue. Ten million dollars is the maximum amount of this grant.

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Debt forgiveness for operational and payroll costs

PPP credits are one-hundred percent forgivable provided that individuals use the profits on allowable expenses during the time of the borrower’s choosing between eight and twenty-four weeks following the origination. People will not be required to pay back the credit funds if they spend at least sixty percent of the debenture on the payroll, as well as the remaining forty percent on the other covered expenses, including housing loan interest payments, utilities, rent, supplier costs, and software. The forgiveness amount will not be taxable as gross income since forgiven debts usually are.

Employer tax credits

Employee retention loans were established under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act during the early stage of the pandemic. It originally provided fifty-percent payroll tax credits on wages up to ten thousand dollars per worker for enterprises that closed down due to COVID-19 and helped them comply with federal orders or suffered a sudden decrease in gross receipts of fifty percent or more than the same period pre-pandemic.

The specifics of this credit – who qualifies, as well as how much – were broaden as part of the COVID-19 relief bill. Starting January 2021, payroll credits increased to seventy percent and are not readily available to companies that have a twenty percent drop in gross receipts compared with the same quarter pre-pandemic. Companies that accept a PPP debenture can claim the retention loan on any qualified wages not covered by their Paycheck Protection Program credits.

Company requirements

Two weeks of paid leave for employees under quarantine or people with coronavirus symptoms awaiting a diagnosis, capped at one-hundred percent of their minimum wages or regular salaries, whichever is higher, up to $5,110 over two weeks or $511 per day.

The paid leave to those who can’t work because they need to care for people under quarantine is capped at 2/3 the worker’s regular wages or 2/3 minimum wage, whichever is higher, up to two hundred dollars per day and two-thousand dollars over the course of two weeks.

Up to twelve weeks of paid leave for workers who need to care for their kids whose child care or school is closed because of COVID-19. Payments are capped at 2/3 the worker’s regular pay or 2/3 of the minimum salary, whichever is greater, up to two hundred dollars per day or twelve thousand dollars over the twelve-week period. Small enterprises may be eligible for exemptions for leaves relating to school and child care closures if providing those leaves would jeopardize the company.

Since these requirements are pretty expensive, companies and self-employed individuals are eligible for reimbursements of payments and the cost of maintaining worker health insurance coverage. This relief act extends reimbursements in the form of various tax credits.

Common Automated Teller Machine Scams

Over the past couple of decades, ATMs or Automated Teller Machines have become commonplace, from shopping centers to bank lobbies to gas stations. Just this year, there are at least 2 million machines around the world. Because of their ubiquity, individuals casually use these cash dispensers without second thoughts.

The notion that things can go wrong at any minute never crosses their minds. The bad news is that things are not always what people might think about the ATM. Most Automated Teller Machine scams involve the theft of personal identification numbers and debit card numbers of innocent machine users.

There are different variations of these schemes, but cardholders themselves are involved in this kind of fraudulent activity without their knowledge. The first thing people need to do to avoid these schemes is to become aware that it happens on a daily basis. Let us explore some ways individuals get ripped off at these cash dispensers.

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Everything that the ATM does is magic

One common scan starts when bank customers swipe their cards on devices that open doors to ATM vestibules. It is usually found in the bank’s inner doorway. Since most people are not aware of what these magic readers should look like, dishonest individuals can place counterfeit devices that copy and read card details on the outside door without being detected by card users.

Once clients are inside, hidden surveillance cams record personal identification numbers as they enter them on the machine touchpad. Because of this illegal information gathering, duplicate cards are created that thieves can immediately use to withdraw money from the owner’s bank account. Detecting this kind of fraud is very hard for average consumers as there are a lot of legitimate manufacturers of swiping devices. Attempting to find out which one is the real device is almost impossible.

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Do not stand too close to me

Another way to trick card users involves the attachment of a fraudulent facade over the Automated Teller Machine. Though these machines seem normal, these attachments will actually eat cards and display error messages. The user’s personal identification number is usually recorded by hidden cameras, or in some instances, by “helpful” individuals standing nearby who will suggest that users try to enter their personal identification number again.

Of course, these people are actually criminals, and after users leave, they will retrieve their cards from fraudulent fronts of ATMs and walk away with cards and access codes. Sometimes, an overlay will scan the card without destroying it.

It can collect important details along with pin codes and other information users may enter. It appears to be a regular transaction for the cardholder, but dishonest individuals now have their card and a personal identification number. For example, just last year, the Federal Bureau of Investigation identified ATM skimming frauds of at least half-a-million dollars in the Midwest alone.

Ghost in ATMs

Freestanding machines are also subject to fraudulent activities. These ATMs are located in places as varied as self-service gas pumps and airport terminals. In some cases, hackers and fraudulent individuals are able to capture the user’s account info by using cracking programs and Wi-Fi scanners to download transaction details when systems fail to be protected by excellent encryption software.

The most daring machine scam is the installation of ATMs whose only purpose is to steal people’s bank details. These criminal schemes were once a pretty popular fraudulent activity of organized crime groups. Normal-looking ATMs would be placed in bars, small shops, and other places. The device was never loaded with money but instead was there to entice people to swipe their cards and enter their bank information.

After collecting these details, an error message will appear. These devices provided fraudulent people with a steady flow of stolen information. Because these things are placed in high-traffic areas, people do not realize that users were unsuccessful at getting money from these devices.

Making the best of what is around

This is a traditional scam that still gets profits for the fraudulent individual. This fraud starts by placing deposit receptacles in ATM vestibules with signs over devices stating it is out of order. The goal of scammers is to get cash deposits that were intended for secured electronic banking machines.

While it seems pretty obvious that depositing funds in these unsecured ways is a bad idea, the trust and comfort that individuals have when entering a financial institution usually allow them to suspend their suspicions as people believe that there is no safe place than inside a bank.

Trevor Harwell on Establishing Business Dominance With Software Leadership  

LA County, California –Trevor Harwell has been an important figure in software leadership for years, providing information about its implementation to companies that needed his help. He has particularly focused heavily on how to use software to enhance leadership and improve business possibilities. He recently discussed this pathway with business leaders to provide a better understanding of its overall implementation.

Trevor Harwell Examines How Software Leadership Helps With Your Business

Software is just a way of keeping your business running by synthesizing its various control elements into easy-to-use wholes, right? Not quite. Trevor Harwell emphasizes the importance of taking your software leadership seriously and doing what you can to enhance your voice. There are many reasons why you don’t want to let your software get away from you and understanding them can improve your finances.

Better software can improve your business in many ways. First, it can ensure that you stay on the cutting edge and can compete directly with your biggest market holders. Great software may bridge the gap between big and small businesses, improve your online sales, and make it easier for you to make inroads towards success. And you can get these results operating on just one or two computers, as long as you know what you’re doing.

As a result, Trevor Harwell emphasizes doing what you can to stay on the cusp of the software world. You need to make sure that you pay attention to new trends and concepts that may emerge at various points. This situation requires you to research the various software options and solutions on the market and integrate them into your company, including various networking options and unique innovations in this field.

You may even want to hire professionals to properly prepare your software and integrate it with your business needs. This step may include purchasing new software programs and platforms, integrating them into your operation, and doing what you can to make sure they stay upgraded. Sign up for regular upgrades and updates to ensure that your software is current and meaningful.

At this point, you can then integrate various leadership and training programs that help to make this usage either. Training helps improve your understanding of your software and the ways it works with your facility. It also helps get your employees prepared by giving them the hands-on experience that they need, including integrating your managers and your entry-level workers.

Afterward, you can then use your new software platform to enhance your leadership in your field, paying attention to things like using your programs to advance your business. For example, you can integrate things like employee tracking, inventory management, predictive market analysis, and much more. These unique programs can help you better understand your business and push its success.

Even more importantly, Trevor Harwell emphasizes that such steps help increase your operational efficiency and improve your positioning in your market. Better efficiency means you can make more money, scale your operation more successfully, and push towards a higher level of success. Just as critically, it may make it simpler to break out into a bigger market, including potential international fields.


4 Reasons Why Owning a Crime Scene Cleanup Business is Right For You

The idea of opening your own business has been on your mind for some time. Recently, you came across a great franchise opportunity for a crime scene cleanup business and it seems like something you would enjoy. Should you make the leap? Here are a few reasons why this type of business is right for you.

You Already Know the Business Well

When it comes to crime scene cleanups, you’re not a novice. In fact, you have several years of experience under your belt. There’s not much left for you to learn about how to deal with different types of crime scenes. You’ve also worked other types of trauma scenes, something that will also come in handy.

The primary area where you will need to learn new things has to do with operating a franchise. Fortunately, the opportunity you’re considering provides plenty of training and support on that point. Between what the franchisor can teach you and what you already know, setting up the franchise and making it a success will be easy.

There’s Room for One More Cleanup Business in Your Area

Thanks to the years you’ve already spent in this line of work, you know the area well. The need for crime scene cleanup services is sufficient for supporting your new effort as well as keeping the existing businesses afloat. In your experience, there are times when it seems as if there’s more to be done than the current crop of services can handle.

Given the steady demand, it will be easy to establish your franchise and have work to do almost from the first day of operation. This is great, since it will not take long before your business begins to post a net profit. You may even need to hire more technicians before the first year is out.

You Have the Contacts to Start Up With Ease

Because of the work you’ve done in the past, there are plenty of contacts in your address book that would be interested in sending work your way. All you have to do is let them know you’re starting the franchise, provide them with contact information, and check in with them from time to time. You’re sure that the quality of work that you’ve done in the past will motivate many of those contact to give you a try.

This is good news, since networking is key to the success of any crime scene cleanup business. Making sure those contacts are sound and that they will consider recommending you as well as calling on your services if needed is one of the best ways to become an integral part of the local market.

This is Something You Can Do For the Rest of Your Working Life

By working for others, you’ve already found that this is the type of job that you could do for the rest of your life. That makes it an ideal business for you to operate. Being an employee created a good situation for you, but owning the company and being the boss makes that good thing better.

Even after you decide to retire, there’s a good chance of having a successful franchise to pass on to a child or that you can sell to another party. There will be doubt that the franchisor will help you find a qualified buyer when you do decide to sell, especially if your franchise is doing well.

Take a good look at the opportunity and feel free to ask any questions that come to mind. If you find the franchise is everything that it seems to be, start making plans. This time next year, you could find yourself happier with your career than at any time in the past.

Why Work With A Supply Chain Recruiter

Supply chains do not have good visibility from the outside. The internal environment can be messy and difficult to understand, especially for those who have little experience with it. In addition to the large amount of information available through sources such as company websites, rather than cold calling employees you should consider working with a supply chain recruiter to find your next job.

Supply chains are more complex than most people realize. The interactions between suppliers, manufacturers and distributors can be hard to understand if you do not see the whole picture of the business and its role in the industry. If you had little experience with supply chains before starting to look for a job, it’s a good idea to start by using a qualified workforce recruitment agency.

Supply chain management is a challenging and competitive job market. Supply chain managers have one of the largest salaries among all business professionals and also working as SCM manager offers many possibilities for advancement to the next position (e.g., as an SCM director, VP, COO or CEO).


Those factors explain why many people decide to work with an external recruiter. Supply chain recruitment agencies help you find the perfect job for your skills and interests, they can answer any questions about your resume, prepare your interview processes and negotiate salaries with the employers. Working with a good agency is great for both parties, as it becomes a win-win situation.

A professional workforce recruitment agency will reduce your time and effort in finding the right position, increase your chances of getting into interview processes and will help you with your resume and any questions regarding the interview process.


Using an external recruiter can also be beneficial to employers who are looking for new SCM staff. Most of the time companies are not interested in interviewing candidates who did not pass through a workforce agency. It is also good for their brand image, because it shows that they are open to new hiring styles and willing to support professional agencies.

The job market of supply chain management professionals is very competitive and using external recruitment partners can increase your chances of finding a job faster and easier.

When you’re looking for your next position, it’s good to start by researching the available employment opportunities and then contact the best workforce recruitment agencies in this area. You should also prepare your resume and identify which companies you would like to work for. Making a list of potential employers will make it easier for the agency to match you with a job that fits your expectations.

You can also use an external recruitment partner if you are looking for a new position in logistics, procurement, supply chain management or marketing. All those jobs require engaging with third parties, which is one of the areas where workforce agencies have more knowledge. Some companies even offer their own workforce recruitment services, to support their own staff with finding the right job opportunities.

The main advantage of using external work agencies is that they can provide you with access to a much larger number of job openings than you could find on your own.