Jim Marchese Knows Many Individuals Who Are Pondering the Question About Whether or not to Get Vaccinated

Jim Notes That the Question Everyone Is Asking Now Is, “To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate?”

People have been living under extraordinary circumstances for the past 18 months or so, ever since the first signs came to light about the novel coronavirus. The virus quickly spread to become a worldwide pandemic and has infected a large percentage of the population with COVID-19 and its variants. Gazing upon this health crisis, Jim Marchese is a well-known mortgage banker, entrepreneur, and financial consultant points out that everyone has been asking lately whether to vaccinate.

To Vaccinate or Not?

Jim Marchese expresses that people have become accustomed to getting vaccinated for a variety of purposes. To be allowed to attend a school or play extracurricular sports, a school may require a range of childhood vaccines, for example. Vaccines are how medical science addressed such awful scourges as polio and smallpox.

With a vaccine, the body is exposed to a substance that provokes an immune response. For example, individuals will get a flu shot every winter to protect themselves against influenza. Vaccination is appropriate late in the year since the flu spreads more quickly when more people congregate inside, often without much ventilation.

But some people do not want to get vaccinations for religious reasons, medical reasons or personal beliefs. Others are worried about how effective a particular vaccine might be any about side effects or allergic reactions.

And then, some individuals have already been exposed to coronavirus and have tested positive for COVID-19 without ever having been vaccinated. Since their immune system handled the COVID-19 infection, they would like to rely on their natural immunity.

The Question to Vaccinate or Not Will Be with Us for the Foreseeable Future

It seems that the issue about vaccination for COVID-19 and a whole host of other diseases is not going to go down quietly. Jim Marchese is anticipating that cooler heads will prevail regarding vaccinations and the personal choices we all must make about protecting ourselves.

There are many people with strong feelings on both sides of the issue. In the meantime, here’s hoping that the current pandemic will ease up soon. In the meantime, it’s safe to say that more people will be protecting themselves against the virus in consultation with their primary health care provider.

Wherever you happen to stand on this complex issue, one thing is certain. People who disagree about policies on vaccination are looking for a suitable approach to protect themselves, friends, and loved ones.