Things You Should Know About Spiral Welded Pipe

It is important to remember that spiral steel pipes come with double-sided submerged arc, which will provide you a hassle-free welding process for manufacturing. At the same time, it is an effective way to create a perfect position and prevent potential misalignment and defects.

You can also prevent incomplete penetration and deviation because dealing with welding position and quality is straightforward. 

At the same time, a spiral welded pipe requires a specific welding procedure without potential defects and errors. That way, you can ensure the proper alignment and quality of spiral steel options with ease.

Throughout the formation process, you should deform a steel plate by following a detailed guide. However, it is vital to implement minor residual stress without scratching its surface. The main goal is to ensure excellent efficiency and appearance.

You should choose the proper steel plate carefully because the surface should not feature covers. That is the best way to create spiral pipes without additional issues.

The processed steel has higher flexibility, wall thickness, and diameter range than high-grade thick-walled ones. 

At the same time, you will get numerous benefits compared with other processes and options. You can match the proper settings that will provide you more features compared with different options. 

The size range and diameter should feature proper flexibility, which will provide you peace of mind and become appealing for more applications than other options. Click here to get more information.

Benefits of Spiral Welded Pipes

Helical or spiral welded pipes come from the hot-rolled coil in cold formation. Then it reaches a submerged arc through a practical and continuous process. 

Since it comes from a low alloy steel strip and carbon structural sleeve, that way, you will get welded joints in combination with a helix angle that will provide you peace of mind. 

At the same time, if you wish to achieve efficient, affordable, flexible, and customizable options with significant diameters, this is the best option for your requirements. 

    • Same Width and Different Diameters – You can rest assured because most steel tubes come with the same width. However, you can produce a wide array of diameters. This is especially important if you wish to create the ones with narrow strip steel and significant diameter.
    • Less Stress Under Same Pressure – The best thing about this option is that you can be subject to the same pressure condition and achieve lower stress than straight options. Since it features up to ninety percent straight seem, it can withstand excessive pressure without any additional problem. If we compare it with straightforward options with similar or similar diameters, you will get twenty-five percent lower wall thickness under the same pressure.
  • Low Deflection and Diameter Tolerance – You can rest assured that you will get an accurate size because you will get small diameter tolerance of up to 0.12%. At the same time, the ellipticity is lower than one percent, while deflection is lower than 1/2000. Therefore, you can omit the straightening process and size as well.
  • You Can Produce It Continuously – Theory states that you can produce pipes with significant longevity without tail and head cutting, which results in slight loss compared with other options. That way, you can boost the utilization rate of metal you are using by eight percent.
  • Flexibility – When we compare it with straight welded pipe, you will get flexible and straightforward to change options for numerous applications.
  • Lightweight and Affordable – Finally, you can rest assured because the equipment you need comes with a low price tag and lightweight construction. Therefore, you can create a mobile unit that will stand the test of time and provide you with the convenience you will not get in other options. At the same time, you can produce a welded ones directly on the construction site, which will allow you to lay it as soon as possible. Besides, you will get high-end equipment that comes with automatization and mechanization, which will reduce the hassle of the process and make it faster than other options you used beforehand.

Check out this video: to learn more about creating spiral pipes.  


You should know spiral welded pipes are standard in petroleum, natural gas, electric power, chemical, water supply, heating, steam heating, drainage, and pressure steel pipes for hydropower. 

Apart from these applications, you can use them for thermal power generation, long-distance pipelines, water sources, bridges, dredging, piling, and other fields that will provide you peace of mind.

Final Word

You should know that spiral welded pipes come from hot-rolled coils while LSAW comes from steel pipes. The rolling process will provide you with the unique benefits mentioned above, and you will achieve a metallurgical process to produce high-end pipeline steel.

Since the alloy content is lower than the steel option, you will achieve excellent weldability, including a significant crack resistance.

The welding method of spiral pie is the same as straight pipe, but you will reduce an overall number of defects, which is an essential consideration to remember.