Powder Coating in Metal Fabrication: What Are the Advantages?

Metal fabrication is an essential industry that supports our infrastructure and economy. Most aspects of civilization benefit from a form of metal fabrication product, including household appliances and vehicles. As you consider finishing your metal fabrication project, you will need to choose from several options, including paint and powder coating. If you want to buy powder coating, you can find it in a powder coating equipment company. Below are some benefits of powder coating in metal fabrication.

Highly Efficient

Powder coating uses an electromagnetic charge to hold powder to the part; therefore, there is minimal waste created during this process. Additionally, coating professionals spray the amount of powder they need in one application. Instead of waiting for each coat to dry and then apply the next coat, they do this in one step, which still cures evenly. Doing this will save you some operating costs.

Highly Durable

Professionals apply powder coating to metal and non-metal materials in various thicknesses, colors, finishes, and textures that other coating methods cannot achieve. Powder coating will give any business, consumer, and industry one of the most economical and long-lasting finishes available on any kind of metal. After powder coating, the material is more resistant to chipping, scratching, and fading. The colors also stay vibrant and bright for a long time.

Powder Coating Reduces Processing Time

Powder processing does not need much time, unlike those other methods we use for wet stoving paints because there is no solvent. Moreover, powder processing does not require a flash-off period. Instead, you can pass the material with powder coating directly into the oven.

Eventually, this saves a lot of space and time.

Powder Coating Is Uniform

Treating products with powder coating gives them a smooth and uniform appearance that you cannot achieve with the conventional painting unless a professional painter applies it while working in a sterile environment. Using powder coating ensures that there are no runs, streaks, and weak spots. You will also not see any imperfections like bubbles or dust bumps. All surfaces of products with a powder coating come out smooth and perfect to the consumer’s eye.

Corrosion Resistance

Many metal fabricated products experience rusting. If an outdoor piece comes into contact with rain, snow, or hail, rusting occurs. Indoor items also suffer corrosion after exposure to humidity and water. Powder-coated products are thoroughly and evenly covered, providing zero opportunity for moisture to seep through to your metal pores.

Cost Efficiency

Since you do not need extra time to dry your product before your next step, you will save money and time. You can purchase the raw materials you need for the job according to the exact size of the project and specifications. This means that you won’t waste any money on extra materials.

The powder is also less costly than paint which further cuts costs. Moreover, storing powder coating requires less space than paint cans; therefore, you won’t need much room for storage. Powder coating is a great option for finishing your metal fabrication projects. The process is ideal because it is cost-efficient, corrosion-resistant, uniform, highly durable, and efficient.