Yodel: The Technological Advantage

Let’s face it…

Upgrading your business phone system may not have been much of a priority in the past. However, if you haven’t updated your phone system in years, or if you have recently chosen a traditional solution, your phone system may be lagging behind in terms of technology. 

Gone are the days where a phone system was just used to make and receive calls. At least, those days should be far into your past. Traditional analog phones just can’t keep up with the needs of a modern business, or customer. 

That is why Yodel chose to take advantage of VoIP technology, in order to provide users with a technological edge for their business. Yodel is a cloud based phone system, meaning that you can access VoIP technology without the need to host bulky servers and other infrastructure on premise. Instead, you can leave that to us, and focus on the benefits of using our intelligent internet based phone solution. 

VoIP technology explained

If you are new to looking for an upgraded business phone solution, the term VoIP may be unfamiliar to you. A VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, system is simply a phone system that allows the users to make and receive calls over the internet. That means instead of having traditional phone lines, your phone system can be accessed by devices such as your mobile phone or computer via the internet. 

VoIP phones,  also known as digital phones, provide the same experience for users on both ends of the call. They would never need to know that the following was taking place instantaneously: 

  1. The VoIP phone system picks up analog voice signals via a microphone 
  2.  Those analog voice signals are then compressed into data packets which are transmitted over the internet 
  3.  The data packets are decompressed back into analog voice signals for the other user to hear. 

As we said, this process takes place instantaneously. This technology requires no technological background to use, and your callers wouldn’t even notice a difference in terms of the mechanics of making a call. What they might notice is improved call quality, more efficient phone service, and enhanced customer service capabilities. With Yodel as your VoIP provider, these are just some of the benefits that you could start experiencing. 

What else should a phone system do? 

As we said, if your phone system is only capable of making and receiving phone calls, then it is time to upgrade your business phone solution. Yodel is able to give you access to next generation features that are able to enhance your phone communication, and allows you to see amazing benefits. The best part of it is, the technology comes in an easy to use system.  Taking advantage of these features won’t come with a steep learning curve, or require a computer science background to figure out. 

Unlock a virtual receptionist

Yodel is able to take on the duties of a receptionist through smart features such as custom welcome messages, intelligent voice IVR, call screening, and more. Yodel can answer incoming calls for you, and transcribe caller intent in real time, giving your team a preview of the incoming call. The call will then be routed to the appropriate agent based on what the caller is saying in real time, eliminating the need for menu options such as “press 1 for sales.” In the end, your Yodel virtual receptionist can be a valued member of your team. 

Access business text messaging

Taking advantage of a new channel of communication has never been easier, and your customers will love this new capability of yours. You  can easily send SMS messages from your business phone number, and easily search through the text log to see previous text communications. This can help you increase your business accessibility, and opens up new opportunities to connect with your customers. 

Utilize call recordings and transcripts

Easily start, pause, and stop call recordings to ensure that you record only the information that you would like to. Recorded calls can be easily sorted through, and you can even add customized tags to make it easier to find or analyze previous calls. Call and voicemail transcriptions are another great way to review previous communication, even when audio isn’t convenient.

Expand your global capabilities

Increase your global business range with virtual international phone numbers. Whether you have another location across the globe, a concentration of customers in another country, or have another international use case, international virtual numbers can help increase your business global accessibility. With 100s of country codes available, Yodel makes it easy to expand your global capabilities. 

Increase business flexibility

Your virtual phone number isn’t tied to one specific phone line or device. Instead, Yodel makes it easy to access your business phone number wherever you are, as long as you have a reliable internet connection! Access Yodel through mobile devices, tablets, computers, or even hardware SIP phones to enable phone communication how you want it. 

Connect to the tools you love

Your business doesn’t exist in a bubble, and neither should your phone communication. If your team lives in Slack, loves their CRM platforms, or has another tool they rely on, it only makes sense to integrate your phone system with them. Avoid unnecessary information silos, and instead streamline your workflow with Yodel’s smart integrations. 

The technological advantage 

Those were only some of the features and capabilities that are possible with Yodel. Yodel makes it easier for you to gain an advantage through the smart use of technology. By offering next generation features and enhanced capabilities our users are regularly able to see many of the following benefits: 

  •     Reduced telecommunications costs
  •     Improved customer satisfaction 
  •     Increased efficiency and productivity 
  •     Better quality voice communication
  •     Enhanced phone reliability 

It doesn’t take much to get started with Yodel. You can access free 14 day trial to start seeing Yodel’s advantages for yourself. Experience the technological advantage, and learn why thousands of companies trust Yodel for their business phone communication.