4 Reasons Why Hiring a Fundraising Company is a Smart Move

Fundraising is one of the primary ways that many non-profit organizations get the resources needed to operate. Thanks to the generous contributions made by others, those who seek the help that the non-profits provide have a better chance at enjoying a decent standard of living. If you’re charged with spearheading a fundraising event, it pays to seek professional support. Here are a few reasons why teaming with a fundraising company makes sense.

A Fresh Perspective on Fundraising Strategies

You’ve managed other fundraising efforts with varying degrees of success. At this juncture, you’re out of ideas. What could be done that would attract more attention and more donations from the community?

This is where the efforts of the fundraising professionals can make a difference. They can take an objective assessment of your organization and what it does. A review of what worked in the past is part of that assessment. From there, a professional can identify different approaches to fundraising that’s likely to generate positive attention and increase the response by the local community.

Staff Who Can Focus Primarily on Your Project

While charged with heading up the fundraising effort, there are other tasks that continue to demand your attention. Juggling multiple projects means you have limited time to devote to each one. That may leave you frustrated even if you have some definite ideas on how to structure the fundraising effort.

By teaming up with a professional fundraiser, you have someone who can focus specifically on the project. That makes it all the easier for you to take care of the other things on your plate while the professional is putting all the essentials in place. No one ends up being stressed out or concerned that something is being overlooked.

A Proven Track Record of Success

You’re the first to admit that some of your fundraising strategies have done well while others didn’t turn out the way that you hoped. Support from a resource that has a more consistent record for success would be nice. That’s what you get by hiring a fundraising company.

Since fundraising is what the professional does, there’s been more time to hone skills, establish contacts, and in general understand how to take care of everything connected with the effort. That expertise will go a long way toward making this campaign successful.

Resources That Minimize the Cost of a Fundraising Campaign

A professional fundraiser is likely to have resources that would be difficult for you to acquire. This can be something as simple as discounts with a local printer, a working relationship with a website designer or a social media influencer who can publicize the event, or even local retailers who will supply materials at cost or even less. Think of what that can do in terms of reducing the overall costs for the campaign.

Fewer costs translate into more of the donations going directly to the cause that’s the reason for the campaign in the first place. This is not only good for those who will benefit now. You also benefit by being able to point out in the future that all but a low percentage of the funds collected went to fulfill the stated purpose.

If you have the task of managing a fundraising campaign dropped into your lap, don’t feel you have to deal with it alone. Talk with a professional and see what sort of arrangement can be worked out. When you see the results, there will be no doubt that you made the right decision.