4 Important Aspects of Payroll Management That Timekeeping Services Manage

Outsourcing various aspects of a business operation is one way to save money while ensuring nothing is left undone. This is certainly the case when it comes to timekeeping services. This valuable service can ensure that the payroll is always up to date and accurate. Here are some examples of what this type of service would track.

The Hours Worked Each Pay Period

In order for hourly employees to be paid correctly, it’s necessary to keep track of the hours that they work. This includes any hours that may be subject to higher pay than the typical per hour rate.

For example, some hours may be paid at time-and-a-half, or even double-time. Being able to identify those hours worked and how they should be classed for payment purposes is essential to ensuring everything remains in order.

Keeping Up With the Accrual of Personal and Vacation Days

Many business owners include benefit designed to ensure employees can have time off without missing out on being paid. This is normally granted with the accrual of personal and vacation days. While the strategy used to calculate those accruals can take many forms, there’s no doubt that someone has to keep track of how much time each employee currently has available.

At any point in time, the company owner should be able to access information related to the number of personal days and vacation days that are available to each employee. In fact, it’s good when the employee can find out how may days he or she has accrued. Doing so makes it easier to arrange time off and know that the paycheck will continue while the employee is away.

Applying Sick Days When Necessary

Sick days is also something that many business owners grant to their employees. They may be allowed so many per calendar year, or they may accrue sick time based on the number of hours they work. In any case, it’s true that timekeeping services can track sick days the same way they track vacation and personal days.

When an employee is out sick, it’s easy enough for a manager to alert the service and authorize the use of sick days for one or more pay periods. This ensures the employee has income while recovering and doesn’t have to worry about falling behind with the bills.

Processing Bereavement Pay

Bereavement pay is another benefit many employers offer to their employees. The most common form is to provide a limited number of business days off with pay in the event a close relative passes away. This often allows time for the employee to make the necessary arrangements and to manage any travel that may be involved.

The manager can notify the service that the employee is authorized to receive bereavement pay for a certain number of days in the upcoming payroll period. This helps to ensure the employee’s income does not suffer during what is likely to be a difficult time.

These are only some of the ways that a timekeeping service can be of help. Talk with a representative today and learn more about how this type of support works. It may be just hat you need.