How Do Employers Benefit From Using Drug Testing Services?

Few resources are as important as valuable and productive employees. Without them, things done get done and customers see no reason to stick around. For these reasons, it makes sense for employers to do what they can to ensure the right employees are in the proper positions. One approach that can help with the process is to make use of local drug testing services before and during employment. Here are some of the ways that testing makes a difference.

Screening Prospective Employees

One of the most common applications for drug testing is as part of the screening process for prospective employees. The testing provides a way to determine if there might be something going on that would hinder the person’s ability to manage the job responsibilities properly.

It can also serve as one way to gauge the degree of honesty that the individual brings to the mix. Prospects who have no problem with the testing and provide information up front about prescription and over the counter medications they take indicate they are happy to provide full transparency. That will certainly come in handy if the individual is hired.

Reducing Employee Absenteeism and Turnover

Drug testing is also a good way to get a handle on absenteeism. If an employee who used to be at work every day begins to call in sick frequently, something is wrong. It could have to do with an emerging dependency on prescription medication or other substances. If caught in time, the employer can aid in securing treatment and help the employee move past the problem. The result is that the employee is once again on the job every day.

Testing also helps reduce employee turnover. Drug use can get so bad that employees leave because they can no longer function. Even employees who are not taking any type of substance may start looking for other jobs. That’s because they grow tired of doing their jobs and taking on tasks that someone else is supposed to be managing. By using the testing to identify issues and make whatever changes are needed, people tend to stay with the company for more years.

Better Management of Employee Health Insurance Expenses

The use of drug testing services can also play a role in keeping the costs of providing employee health insurance a little lower. Many providers look kindly on clients who require testing on a somewhat regular basis. That’s because they know employees who are tested and have no signs of drugs in their system are less likely to need anything other than basic medical care.

The result of better management of these expenses is that the company can afford to shoulder more of the cost of providing this benefit. Employees who pay less of the premiums for their individual or family coverage are more likely to remain with the company rather than seek opportunities elsewhere.

Overall Enhancement of Employee Morale

Employees in any type of company have days when everything goes smoothly and days when there’s a lot of stress. When morale is high, everyone tends to move through the days no matter what’s happening and work together when things need to get done. If morale is low, people tend to do what they have to do and let others fend for themselves.

Drug testing paired with getting treatment for anyone with a problem is one way to keep morale higher. It sends a clear message that the employer is invested in each employee and wants them all to feel safe and valued in the workplace. That will go a long way toward helping people look forward to coming to work each day.

These are only some of the advantages of implementing drug testing by a reputable service. Reach out to a representative and learn more about how this can be good for your company and the employees. You may be surprised at what a difference it will make.