A step by step guide to avail LCL shipping for your cargo

The international trade business involves a lot of crucial decision-making. Every step and action needs to be taken care of so that nothing slips out of the way. One such vital decision is to avail the shipping facilities from the right logistics department. Before shipping a cargo, you should select the type of container. If the size of the consignment is small, you should select LCL (Less than Container Load) container. Well, you must be thinking what is LCL shipment and why to select the same. In LCL shipments, the cargo of numerous traders is loaded and shipped together. Every logistics service provider offers additional facilities to serve you better and at the same time, attract as many customers as they can. Let us have a look at how can you avail LCL shipping for your cargo conveniently.

What Is LCL Shipment?

Although a misconceived theory makes people believe that LCL and FCL (Full Container Load) are two different types of containers in shapes and sizes, it is not at all true. Both the shipping containers are of the same dimensions and what differs is the process of shipment. The answer to what is LCL shipment is limited to the notion of shipping numerous consignments of different traders. That is, you only pay for the cargo, and the price calculation depends upon the CBM (Cubic Meter) value of the same.

Whom To Choose?

Gone are the days when traders had to visit from one office to another for finding the best freight rates for shipments. Today, you can do everything related to cargo shipments through your smartphone, PC, or laptop. Just go to your browser and search for the best logistics service providers in India. A few names will pop up on your screen. Do the required research to ensure that you ned p selecting the right shipping partner. Remember, the safety of your shipment as well as the value for money depends on whom you end up choosing.

Services To Look Out For

For a successful LCL shipment, there are a few important services that you must look out for in your service partner to make the right decision.

  • Online container booking facility with as minimum documentation as possible.
  • Look out for the cargo-tracking facility to ensure the safety and security of the goods against loss or theft during the shipping process.
  • A few selected companies offer inland logistics services as well. So, look for the one that offers this service.
  • One or two companies have recently started offering the option of choosing the space in the container. Using this option, you can select the space of the LCL container where your container will be stored.

How To Book Online?

Now that you know what is LCL shipment and what type of services you can avail, you should learn the process of booking online. It just takes a few simple steps to avail LCL shipment.

  • Visit the official website of your preferred service provider.
  • Click on the LCL freight under the services column.
  • Click on search LCL rates for free and find all the available quotes.
  • Go to the booking option and enter your work email ID.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the login process.
  • Next, enter the shipping details like the port of delivery, destination, preferred shipping lines, etc. Be as specific as you can to avoid any further confusion.
  • Enter the CBM value of your cargo to get the final cost of shipping.
  • Click on book now option to complete the process. You will receive a call ahead of the completion of the booking process.


With the help of the internet and some of the user-friendly logistics website, availing an LCL shipment is not a complicated task. You should strictly follow the aforementioned instructions and advice to get desired and profitable deals.