How an Online Time Clock Can Improve Business Operations

When you run a business, whether as an owner and manager, you have a lot of stress. Everything needs to be done promptly, and you have a ton of responsibilities. Adding an online time clock to your business can change the way day to day operations run and help you ease some of that stress. It’s not easy running a business, but this is a simple way to ensure that more processes run as smoothly as possible.

An online timecard system can help boost company morale by ensuring that all employees are paid for time on the clock. If you have remote employees, they can access the system from home, allowing them to get paid for their time worked. Every online time clock will be set up for different industries and provide different features, but all will be able to improve your business operations.

How an Online Time Clock Can Improve Operations

Running things daily is exhausting, and we know this. It isn’t easy managing everyone, and things can get messy. Especially when you’re doing something like adding hours by hand and by memory. It can be easy to make mistakes when you are responsible for an entire business.

Here are some of the significant benefits you will receive by switching to an online time clock.

Reduce Labor Costs

One of the best things about online timesheet software is its ability to help reduce outside costs. You will be able to compare sales with who is scheduled, determine when your company is the busiest, and ensure you have ample coverage in the office or on the sales floor. This will save you an insane amount of money on days that are slow by only staffing based on need.

An online time clock will also have a way to integrate with other tools to eliminate unnecessary human resource positions and save you money. All this extra money saved can be spent on other things that your business needs to run successfully. Work tracking software is worth the small investment because it could save you a fortune in labor costs in the long run.

Improve Employee Accountability

When an employee must punch in for their shift, they know they are responsible for their time and what happens on that shift. Every minute counts, and they know that the owner and manager will easily acquire daily reports. This could also help you with scheduling.

Another way it helps employee accountability is by knowing who is on a shift. This helps people know who did a good or not so great job. Or gets a positive or negative review. You can see who was on duty and act from there.

Easily Track Schedules

Creating a schedule can be challenging. Especially when you have to pay attention to how much paid time off each employee gets, or any restrictions. A remarkable feature of a time keeper app is that it allows you to set an employee’s schedule while viewing any requests. If they need a specific day off every week, you can very quickly set it. If they prefer some shifts over others, you can see it in the notes.

The other thing about this program is that it will automatically update PTO and sick days. This allows you to sit back and create a schedule with ease. Additionally, the software allows everyone to see the schedule beforehand in the app and switch shifts if needed, without coming to you first. All you have to do is accept the switch, and it’s done!


There are so many amazing benefits to using an online time clock app that will help elevate your business and help you focus on other more important things. Scheduling and payroll should not be stressful to deal with. They should be simple and straightforward, but doing it by hand and memory can be tedious and time-consuming. If you haven’t yet made the switch, now is the time!