How can sewage damage occur to your business property?

Sewerage system is the system of pipes, pumps and drains for assembling of waste water and waste matter that is sewage, from a community.

These days, sewerage systems used are of two types. First is the domestic or industrial sewerage system and the other being the storm sewer. The system could be a combined one with a single network of pipes and other things for every type of sewage and discharge. While it could supply segregated networks; one for domestic and industrial sewage and the other for the waste from storm. The sanitary one is mostly treated before letting it flow.

Sewage problems are mentally disturbing and financially costly to deal with so they are a real source of nuisance for you. This filthy water consists of viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms that are harmful for your health and wellness. They could cause serious diseases like typhoid, hepatitis and cholera.

Common causes of sewage damage:

  When sewage water enters into your property, it can cause a lot of destruction. It can damage your furniture, appliances, carpeting and the structure of your property. Some of the causes of this sewage damage are avoidable while some undetectable. These causes are as follows:

  • Penetration of roots: Roots of trees could enter drains and pipes of the sewerage system and block the sewer lines. They could also cause cracking and breaking in the pipes.
  • City sewer efflux: Sometimes, city line sewage backup could cause overflow of waste water in its low opening. This would especially be the case in low drains and toilets and appear in your basement.
  • Solid objects: Solid objects like cotton, diapers or toys if flushed in the toilets could block the sewer lines and lead to sewage backup.
  • Structural problems: With passing years, there is wear and tear in sewerage system and the pipes may also be misaligned. With time, there could become holes and cracks in the pipes, leading to sewage leaking inside the walls or floor. This could cost a lot if reconstruction is the only option left.

Whenever you find yourself in such a situation, you need to call any sewage cleanup contractors as soon as possible. All this clean up, restoration, repair and sometimes reconstruction could be a great hassle which would not be able to bear alone. You need professional help. The professionals would respond quickly as they know the need of the situation.

The experienced technicians would arrive at your property fast and assess the situation and the extent of damage. During the restoration process of your property, some factors need to be considered. These factors are:

  • The extent of damage.
  • The presence of ventilation.
  • The proper response duration.
  • The substances with absorbent ability that are contaminated and the level of their contamination.

The professionals would first of all clean up the sewage from your property. Then they would use air movers to remove the bad smelling moist air from the place and to make sure everything is dried properly. Then they would thoroughly clean and decontaminate the area. And finally, they would deodorize your property.