Find A Programmer Cofounder For Your Next Startup Project

Starting a business as an expatriate person or foreigner is possible but may be complicated for most people, even when you already have many years of work experience in your field or industry. But the good thing is that you can simply find a local business service agency to take you through the entire Hong Kong company incorporation process.

Many people who are good at business or have a great sense in business (i.e. money making ideas) do not possess all the required skills to build a start-up and handle all the daily operations. The one difficult area that is mostly missing and required is the programming skill or technical knowledge. Hong Kong based business-focus people who are also entrepreneurs may have to partner with a technical person. Sometimes this technical person has to become a co-founder of the startup for the business to work well. In this age of the internet, in many cases technical co-founders are simply very difficult to come by, especially the great ones.

When you are in the process of finding a technical co-founder, you must put yourself out there. You will start going to meet-ups, events, groups, conferences, and/or gatherings in your local Hong Kong community where technical people would also go. The event/gathering may be hosted by the Hong Kong PHP development community where the programmers/developers would develop many websites for a living or at their day jobs. When you first started a conversation with technical person, you may not even understand what they are saying. It may be a lot of technical concepts and practical stuffs in the conversations. But that is where you should go, and you should also learn the jargons (most probably through search engines and in between all the conversations). Sooner or later, you will find out you are knowing more and more.

You need to know how to see the opportunity. Most of the developers would be working for someone else at the time you met them for conversations. That is an opportunity for you to ask questions and get to know what they can do. A good conversation is to get them to tell you about the applications that they have built. One type of applications is whatever they have built for their day job employers. There are always quite a few programmers who have done something on the side during their own spare time. These are programmers who are interested in enhancing their programming skills and/or interested in building things. You would let them show you their side-projects (i.e. their applications as hobby). The hobby projects may have been a failed project, but that is not the point. It only shows they have the entrepreneur spirit and they have the ability to make time to build things from scratch to launch. The failure of the project would have been a great learning experience for their next real project.