How to write an effective product description for online store

Product descriptions impact highly on sales. The main goal of a product description is to explain the purpose of a product and why customers should buy it. A well written product description should move customers or prospects through your store’s sales funnel. You should aim to inject product benefits and creativity into your product description in order to optimize eCommerce conversion rate. While most customers often decide to buy a product based on good product photos; offering a solution to an annoying problem, unique value proposition, and product description are effective in improving sales volume and building customers’ trust. Below is some insight on how to write an effective product description to drive more customers to your online store.

Identify Your Customer Persona

Sometimes it is challenging to write product descriptions if you are not familiar with your target audience. You should know who your potential buyers are to successfully write product features that resonate with them. You can reference your customer persona through a fictional representation of your ideal buyer based on your market research. Some factors such as the demographic information of the customers, native language, interests, age, gender, purchasing patterns, and product preferences can guide you on identifying your buyer personas.

Focus on Product Features and Benefits

Customers come to your website to precisely learn what your product can do, how it will meet their needs, and how it will fulfill their frustrating problems. For you to accomplish this, what you need is to write a list of features and benefits of your products. You can start with the features. If you are selling shoes, for example, include information about shoe size, color, material, and weight. The section of the features should be comprehensive enough to tell buyers everything they need to know about your product. The next thing to write after the features of the product is the benefits of that product. In the benefits section, this is your main selling point and differentiates you from our competitors. Benefits will determine whether the customers will buy your product over those of your competitors.

Tell A Complete Story

With product descriptions, you need to present a full story that will engage your customers and readers. You can use your product description to tell your readers a story. You should not limit your product description to only a list of benefits and features. It could be an entertaining story about your product that draws in the attention of the customer. The main goal is to create a narrative arc to help customers visualize a real-life scenario where your product will solve a problem that challenges them.

Optimize Your Copy for Search Engines

It is crucial to include appropriate keywords in the product description. The keywords you use in your copy of product description helps search engines to identify what the web page is about. In turn, this information is used to determine how your site can rank on the search engine results page. For example, if you sell beauty products like makeup brushes, you need to be specific by using keywords like a unicorn makeup brush. A good eCommerce platform like is a good place to start when optimizing your store in basic SEO settings such as keywords, page description, product images, and page title.

Make the Product Descriptions Scannable

It is essential to make sure your product description is easy to read. You can make your content scannable using bullet points. Bullet point provides a concise and clear way to display the most important information about your product. When customers understand the information about a product, they are more likely to purchase that product. If you are selling laptops, you can turn the specs into bullet point for an easy read.

Define Your Brand’s Tone of Voice

Your brand’s tone of voice can differentiate you from other competitors. Your tone of voice is important because it gives visitors or readers a strong impression of your personality and the company’s culture. If your brand’s voice is professional, the descriptions of the product should also be professional. If your brand is funny, let your product description be funny as well.

Write Your Own Product Descriptions

Many online sellers make a mistake of using the manufacturer’s product descriptions. Write your own copy to avoid penalties by Google for thin copy or duplicate. By writing your own product descriptions, you can also improve your chances of conversion rates.


Mastering the art of product descriptions needs testing and creativity. While there are no defined or set rules to follow when writing product descriptions, there are effective practices that can guide you to create the best product description for your eCommerce brand. Product description should be short and brief. It is important to include search engine friendly keywords in the product description. If they cannot fit in the description, you can add them to the product title.