There are various types of motorcycle gloves for riding your motorcycle based on the purpose and the conditions of the ride. The most common thing is that they protect you from injuries, and in this post, we will analyze in detail each type. Keep reading.

Fingerless Gloves

You can wear fingerless gloves when servicing and testing your bike within your home or garage. Here, you will need your fingers to have a grip and feel certain areas for examination. They are more than having to remove the glove quite often.

Moto-cross gloves

Moto-cross gloves cover both your palm and fingers and have reinforcement on the knuckles. They have a simple design and are worn when riding on the highway. They are also ideal for summer since they cover below the wrist and are not bulky.

Gauntlet style gloves

These have reinforcements on the knuckles and the fingers. They have more leather to cover well the palm, the fingers, the wrist and halfway over your jacket providing you with more protection.

Off-Road Gloves

Made of human-made textile, they are not for protection but comfort. They are light with holes to allow air circulation. They are ideal for sticky wet grip and handy for biking while jumping rough terrain that is muddy and dirty, and not concrete.

Street gloves

These are made of leather to protect you if you fall hard road surface, and as the same suggests, they are for a street ride. They are thicker than off road gloves and comfortable for warm or cold weather.

Racing gloves

These are full-size gloves for high speed riding on hard or concrete roads. They are made of high-quality material with high-tech protection features such as carbon with Kevlar to protect you on a fast crash. Also, they are customized to allow for more flexibility while racing.

In summary

Motorcycle gloves may have different, similar, or combined features for different usage under different circumstances. Therefore, the type of gloves you may be looking for will depend more on you the manufacturer’s specifications.