The power of Instagram influencer marketing

As the social media space continues to grow rapidly and significantly, so does influencer marketing. Almost all social media platforms now promote influencer marketing and currently, it is among the most effective ways for advertising products online.

Instagram influencer marketing can make a great tool for the growth of your business but it has to be done right. Ensure that you have selected the right type of influencer to work with before making any other move. You should choose an Instagram influencer that’s well versed with your line of products. Influencer agencies can also help you find appropriate influencers for your marketing campaign.

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to showcase products. It is constantly coming up with new methods to monetize the platform and increase the number of users it has which greatly promotes influencer marketing. Below are some of the things that make Instagram a powerful influencer marketing platform.


It is important to note that Instagram has a higher engagement rate compared to any other social media platform. Its engagement rate stands at 2.3% and it is greatly organic. The high engagement rate means that more customers can interact with your brand. You should, therefore, consider this Instagram influencer marketing if you haven’t tried it before.


When compared to Twitter and Facebook, Instagram has the fastest growth rate making it a good market place for most businesses. The intense usage of the platform by the millennials is the major contributing factor to Instagram’s growth.


Generally, influencer marketing is all about promoting a product through the influencer’s lifestyle. As a result, followers of the influencer can be easily turned into customers for your business. Research has proven that a large population of young people live according to trends set by influencers on Instagram and other platforms. This makes Instagram suitable for marketing.