The Way Blockchain Art Collective Works and Its Benefits

As an artist, you are able to save your artwork as well as get income from it. A specific platform such as blockchain art collective is designed to help artists to save their artworks with their signature, certificate of authenticity, and catalog. Let’s learn a little bit the way this platform works, especially to save your virtual artworks.

The Benefits of Using the Platform

Blockchain art collective is designed to facilitate artists to save their works whether in the form of digital or physical. By using this platform, you can make sure that you are the owner of the works. There will be an identity in every work and the identity is secured.

The Way to Use the Platform

You have to connect to the blockchain art collective platform first. Then, you have to validate your identity by sending it via email. The developer will communicate with you before approved the artworks and artists. When your approval is approved, you will receive a certificate of authenticity or COA. It is in the form of a seal with is a tamper-proof and adhesive seal. The seal will be attached in your artwork. After that, all people can see any kind of information related to your artwork by using a mobile app such as a blockchain art provenance app.

The point is that you can easily save your precious asset which is your artwork today. You have a legal certificate to show that the artwork is yours. You can make money from your artworks such as by using a blockchain art exchange platform. This platform provides a medium to sell artwork along with blockchain technology. As a result, you can easily manage and make income from your virtual artworks. Now, you can create high-quality artworks as many as you want and claim them as yours by authenticating them at the blockchain art platform.