What You Need to Consider When Moving Your Office

While many people think that moving to a new home is one of the most stressful things that they can ever do, this just means that they haven’t had to move their business. It’s normal for businesses to face a move because of changing needs. This is a daunting prospect, but, as long as you plan ahead and are prepared as much as possible for your move, then you can make sure that you don’t go over budget and that you meet your timeline. These four tips will help make your upcoming move as easy as possible.

  • Consider Your Location

When considering where you want to relocate to, it’s important to make sure that your key customers will still be able to easily access you. While some customers may still come to visit you if you are farther away from them, it can be difficult to keep customers loyal to you when they expected to make a longer commute. This means that you will have to target new customers, which can be very expensive. Moving your business to a location with other bustling businesses can help drive new customers to your door and keep your employees happy.

  1. Have a Leader in Charge of the Move

Here at PRTR in Bangkok we have a large team with many division heads, for our move to happen smoothly, it is a good idea to have one person in charge of the move. They will serve as a contact person for any external movers you hire and will help to alleviate fears and concerns that your employees may have. Because they will be charged with keeping the move on schedule, you need to make sure that you give this responsibility to a leader who is able to make decisions on behalf of your company.

  1. Be Careful When Designing Your New Space

When you move to a new location, you are given a great opportunity to redesign the space of your offices if you desire. If your employees do not have quiet areas in the office, as well as spaces where they can interact with others, they are likely to be very stressed and not be able to complete team work as easily.

  1. Be Prepared or You Will Fail

No matter why you are planning a move, it’s important that you are clear when discussing the reason with employees and customers. You need to plan ahead to make sure that you have information about your current lease and any obligations you will need to settle before you move. Additionally, try to avoid planning major activities around the time of your move to reduce stress. Having a budget is important and will help you move without spending more money than you meant to.

A move is a great way to enjoy more space, relocate closer to your ideal customers, and improve performance of your employees. It’s important that you keep your staff informed when making decisions regarding a move and that they feel valued during the process so that they stay happy and supportive during this time.