2 Alternatives to Amazing Selling Machine

Selling on amazon these days is hot and trending. Among the popular programs is Amazing Selling Machine that has good reviews, you can see a review here, but it is very expensive as compared to other alternatives that I am going to mention below. Its price scares off many people who end up looking for cheaper alternatives, these are:

Complete amazon marketing system

This is quite unique; it comes in form of a physical book which attracts some people a lot. With such, you can sit in any position on your bed, couch or outside in the backyard and get information about business. I love reading books so to me it is an educative hobby. The problem with this form is that you it can be hard to find the specific information you want without skimming through the pages since there is nothing like searching as you would do with digital information.

Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course

if you are thinking of buying products from oversea countries like China and then selling them on Amazon under your personal brand then Cockrum’s course is meant for you. It is the popular alternative to Amazon Selling machine. The member’s area of PAC has a lot of information in its content. It has video tutorials and information on finding inventory, steps of beginning and private labeling just to mention a few.

The goodness with Pac is that:

  • It has a section meant for international FBA
  • It can be used by both the people who are in the US and those that aren’t.
  • It has a growing business community on Facebook, which is good for successful entrepreneurs to help the budding entrepreneurs grow with sharing their secrets, their success stories and lessons learnt too. So with this you can get information on how to become a successful entrepreneur.

The only problem with PAC I can say is that it has too much information to consume that you can get confused at some point but it is a good one.