How To Stay Safe From Job Scams

Jobs scams are worrying but the good news is that you can easily detect them and keep yourself safe from them. Once you read this article, you will never fall victim of a scam when looking for jobs especially when using the online platform.

  1. Check the contact details

Look at the company name and details provided and how they ask you to contact them. Keep off emails that are personal like and avoid emails appear random. An email like is too random to be real! If you are hiring through a recruiting company then whoever will reply should reply through the company’s address and not a personal address.

If the name of the company looks strange, be quick to heck it online. If there is no information about the company online or the address found online differs with the one that you are seeing online, keep off!

  1. Look for trusted companies

Well, some companies can offer you a job without necessarily conducting a formal interview but in some cases, this could be a sign of a scam. When doing a job search in Thailand, executive search thailand and other legit recruitment companies will ensure you are safe from scammers. Each country has their trusted recruiting agencies that offer legitimate vacancies.

  1. Unrealistic salaries

When it looks too good to be true, think twice because too sweet a deal is in most cases a scam. Most jobs that post high salaries do not pay salaries but they work with commissions where you will have to work all day and all night to reach somewhere near the advertised figure.

  1. Poorly written adds

Official job postings are too official to have any spelling mistakes that appear several times. Official ads are carefully written, proofread and edited before they are posted online. So if you come across an advert with terrible mistakes it could possibly be a scam.