When you need a Man and Van

You have probably wished many times that you had access to a man with a van. There are many times when a van would have been a godsend and made life a lot easier. Instead you probably struggled, had to make multiple journeys or spend a fortune! Here are just some of the occasions when a man with a van is the ideal solution:

Bulky Items – if you’ve ordered an appliance online, why not pick it up yourself and avoid the hassle of waiting around for delivery drivers, paying high delivery fees and having nobody to bring it into the house for you? A man with a van can help you with all of these requirements. Perhaps you have your heart set on a second-hand piece of furniture on eBay or Facebook but your car’s not big enough to transport it. There’s a man and a van for that too!

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Moving Home – if you don’t have enough stuff to justify a full removal service then hiring a man and van is a cost-effective option to help you relocate your belongings. You set the pace instead of feeling stressed out and rushed by a corporate removal firm.


Off to Uni – Why put all the hassle on your parents to make multiple trips between home and your student digs? Nobody wants grumpy folks and an horrendous fuel bill. Hiring a man and a van means you can get all your belongings carted off to Uni in one go, resulting in happy families and a lot less stress. For a Man and Van slough, visit https://www.uk-tdl.com/man-van.html


Business Requirements – Instead of having the expense and liability of owning a business van, for occasional use you should consider hiring a man and a van. Don’t tie up your capital in owning one, if you won’t get the use out of it. It makes more economic sense to hire such a service as and when you require one.


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Band Equipment –  Lugging musical equipment around is hard work and if you’ve got gigs to get to or you’re going on a local tour, take the worry out of transportation and hire a man and a van service. It’s not only the instruments that need a lift but also you and your bandmates, so don’t leave your fans waiting and get to the stage on time.


Holidays with lots of luggage – If you want to enjoy an active break that requires lots of equipment transportation, such as golfing, skiing or snowboarding, then you’ll be much more comfortable with the services of a man and van. Perhaps you’re travelling in a large group of friends or family and need transport that can carry you all and your sporting goodies.