How to Hire Best Law Firm in Dubai


How to find the Law Firm in Dubai is one of the most important questions from foreign nationals or organizations planning to establish business operation in Dubai. This city has been rapidly growing and becomes the icon of economic marvel not only in the Middle East region but also the whole world. Today, Dubai is one of the leading business hubs as many multinational companies open their representative office there and not to mention the fact that this city is also a very popular tourism destination. No wonder this city offers so many opportunities attracting many people from all over the world to come.

Establishing new business in foreign country will be even more challenging than doing the same in your home country. You have lack of knowledge about local legal system and dealing with bureaucratic procedures. Of course, there are certain regulations for foreign nationals investing in this country to protect the interests of local citizens. Having a legal representation from local law firm will give many advantages. It gives you support from legal team with expertise of Emirati legal system to make sure all legal related matters can be handled optimally. With the right legal representation, you will get advice and guideline to avoid possible legal issues and dispute with local authority.

There are many law firms here in Dubai and that’s not a surprise considering this city is currently a major business hub. Some of them are even affiliated with leading multinational law firms. However, it is still a challenge to choose one among those law firms to hire and represent your legal interests. There are several things you need to do before signing the contract letter with any firm and those things are:

Make a Short List of Candidates

This list will be very helpful to narrow down your option. You can ask for reference from local business partners or other parties you trust. Be sure that the firms in your list has legal expertise in commercial law or other legal fields related to your business operation.

Do a Research on Each Firm

Learn more about the firm and its reputation. It is including the lawyers in their team, it would be better to have a lawyer with high reputation. Learn also about the clients represented by the firm, it is more preferable when the firm has many multinational clients.

Visit the Law Firm’s Office

This may sound old fashioned but you can really know a lot about an organization from its office. Request a short tour to the office to see whether the office is well organized or not, how many staffs they have, and how the office environment.

Conduct Interview with the Lawyer

While you are visiting the office, take an opportunity to meet with one of the lawyer. Most law firms will give free legal consult for prospective clients. During the meeting you can ask questions about the firm and how it would handle your business interests.

From the things above, you will get enough input to finally determine the best law firm in Dubai to hire.