How team building activities can benefit your business

Team building activities are nothing new for businesses – but what benefits do they offer?

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A chance to bond

There is real power in getting out of the office and encouraging your teams to try new activities together. Traditional hierarchies are challenged and tend to fall by the wayside when different activities are involved; for example, if you usually work in a corporate office, a tank driving day is likely to encourage new leaders to come to the fore who may typically be the more junior or quieter members in the work environment. The experience gives the team a chance to bond, to see each other in new ways, and to forge new relationships.

Fresh creativity

By getting out of the office for a day and doing a fresh activity, new and creative ways of solving problems and coming up with ideas can occur. By doing something new and different, tired routes to completing activities are ceased in favour of new and often innovative approaches. This is just one reason businesses value team building activities and find a real productivity benefit once everyone returns to the office.

Reward and recognition

When a business sends a team to a team away day run by an organisation such as, a tank driving day or other activity can act as a fantastic way to reward and recognise the achievements of the team. The activities are fun and engaging and help everyone to celebrate their skills and talents whilst experiencing something new. There is a real thrill in completing a challenge and the experience will give everyone something to remember.

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More engaged employees

Team away days show that the employer is invested in the team and in building engagement. This is essential for organisational talent retention, morale, motivation, and overall productivity. Studies show that engaged employees are more motivated, creative and productive, helping the business to grow and to retain competitive advantage.

Make this the month that you reward your team with a team-building activity. Many of the corporate team building activities on offer represent excellent value for money and can be tailored to group needs and requirements, with additional training and brainstorming for work problems as needed for the delegates. Organise the day and enjoy the fun and benefits on offer!